Starting KI


I have the original KI release that comes with Season one an TJ Combo.

I want to give the game some proper practice and play time before I decide if I want to go ahead and get the new release with season 3.
So I only have the original cast to choose from. Can anybody give me a break down of what they think about the characters at my disposal. I am kind of leaning towards Spinal because those skull set ups are pretty slick and I like pirates. But he feels very slow when moving.

Any help would be appreciated.


… Are you still playing KI these days? I can assist you if you are.


I haven’t played in a while. There have been a bunch of events I have been going to, so each week seems to have been dedicated to the event following it. I hope to get back into KI in a few months. I will be picking up the full pack when I find one second hand. Will put more focus on it then. To anybody who reads this, Spinal is bad ass.


Oh, I see. Well, whenever you do decide on getting back into the game, then I’ll be willing to help you out with some general Spinal knowledge.

And speaking of Spinal, check out Bass’ YouTube channel whenever you got the time; he’s pretty good with him as well.


Thanks. I will keep that in mind and check that channel out right now.