Starting on my path but wondering a few things

Hi guys I’ve been playing snk vs capcom 2 (I main Ryu, Sakura, Akuma. Side: E.Honda and Play with Blanka) in preparation for when i get my ps3 and buy ssf4. But 2 questions i have are why Do people when they play ryu (Daigo comes to mind) or ken taskua when thier in the air? and How important is the Red fireball in ryu playing?

Doing a tatsu in the air changes your traveling speed and trajectory compared to what it would’ve been if you’d just jumped normally The timing with which the tatsu is done (ie. how soon or late during the jump) determines how the arc is affected. It also, obviously, is an attack. It’s a very versatile tool with many applications that are useful to have in your repertoire/arsenal/bag-of-tricks. However, the inherent risk involved in committing to a jump means that you will seldom–if ever–want to base your strategy or plan of action around this technique.

Here are some examples of common/strong/popular applications:

  • Perform a huge moon-vault away from your opponent to put a lot of distance between the two of you.
  • Smack a fellow jumper. Jump tatsus have a lot of priority in air-to-air situations.
  • Leap at your opponent so it looks like you’re jump-attacking his front, but do a tatsu instead; you’ll sail just slightly over his head and the tatsu will hit him from behind. (This is an unorthodox example of an “ambiguous cross-up.”)

I’ll let a dedicated SF4 Ryu player give you a proper explanation of the conditionally great power of his EX fireball. Quick overview: it hits twice (armor-breaks focus attacks and eats one-hit fireballs in a collision), knocks your opponent down when it hits (the regular fireball does not), and puts them in a limited juggle state before they actually hit the floor (under certain conditions you can continue to combo them in specific ways).

I listened to your friend drumming while I typed this, by the way. :smile:

I hit people with meaty EX fireballs all the time. I throw it right before they stand up and they never block it. I don’t know why they don’t block it but, it’s a trick that almost always works for me.

Other than that it’s a double hit juggle fireball.

It’s manly used during fireball wars and against people using long range ex armor moves.
You can even focus cancel it into ultra because of the juggle.

It’s probably one of the main things I use meter on. I use it a lot. Not that I’m an expert player or anything, at high level of play you usually want to save your meter for focus cancel into ultra but, I burn it on ex-fireballs all the time.