Starting Qanba Q1 Cut Xbone mod Need help

Hello SRK community,

I’ve been a long time forum lurker but finally decided to post because I am very new at modding sticks and need help.
My goal is to Xbox one pad hack this arcade stick. I don’t need any other functionality besides just Xbox one.

Below is the stick I have

I am fairly certain where the solder points are on the XBox one Controller PCB due to a thread here on SRK.

My questions are
Would I need the Qanba PCB shown on the bottom? <-- assuming no because everything will be soldered to the xbox pcb but asking to make sure.
Top right of the Top Qanba PCB are just leds I can ignore these if i don’t care for the lights correct?
Lastly the left side of the Top Qanba PCB should be where I solder the home and select buttons correct? I can ignore turbo and mode if i don’t want them? How would i figure out which pin is which button and which one is ground?
I do have a multimeter but I’m not sure how I would use it in this scenario.

If some of this stuff has been covered already or if you have helpful hints feel free to send them to me.
I’ve modded consoles before with modchips but those had stupid proof instructions with videos and all. Just making sure I’m doing things right.

So far you on the money, for the sub board with start, select and home just follow the traces over to where the ribbon connector is
and take note what pin does what.

Thanks for your reply. My console and extra controller should arrive by the end of this week. Will update once I start working on it. Oh and whenever those resistors come in.

Non Sanwa version?

Yea non Sanwa.

Just an update. This arcade stick is wayy to small. I had to grind away a lot of the plastic just to get the xbox one pcb to fit in there. Still working on it though.

Also… I picked up a Wii TTT2 SE stick for another xbox one pad hack. From what I’ve read around here… the wii pcb needs to replaced in order to have the guide button function for a pad hack? or am I wrong?

I believe you could keep the guide button working in a dual mid with some soldering in the correct place.

Only in a dual mod though right? That’s kind of the idea I got from this thread. Questions about dual modding a TTT2 WiiU TE stick
If that’s the case I’ll probably just buy an extra button and not use the wii pcb at all.

Yeah, unless there’s a method I’m not aware of. If you don’t want the Wii compatibility, I’d just add a button.

Okay so I finally started working on the Qanba Q1 again. I was able to solder all the the contacts successfully. I tested the pad by adding a ground wire circled in the picture and touching each wire with it. (hard to see because my circle is so thin. its the home button ground)
My question is… since the pcb is common ground I should be able to take the ground wire from the xbox pcb and chain all the grounds on the Qanba pcb together correct?
Sorry my wiring is a mess…

Haven’t done an xbone padhack, but if they’re both common ground you should be able to connect both pcb’s with one ground wire. All the buttons and the stick are already grounded in the original board.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Finally got it up and working… well mostly. I’ll have to read the directions again for the triggers, still not sure how to get those to work. Temporarily remapping buttons since I only use 6 anyways.

You don’t have to put a wire going to each ground, as on a Common ground PCB that already done for you on the board it self.

Okay so my OCD got me. I decided to open it back up and try to get the triggers working. I read through the directions quite a few times but the picture is too blurry to see what I am exactly what to solder to. Below is the picture I got from one of the threads here on SRK . When I zoom in it looks like there are two points on each side I need to solder to?

Here is my PCB

Could someone circle or mark where I should solder?

Lastly, just to make sure I’m doing this right. Each trigger would need a 100 ohm resistor connecting the Xbox One PCB to the Qanba PCB? Below is a visual of what I think is supposed to be right.

If anyone has a picture of the back side of their board it would help me immensely.


whoa i was wondering if the pcb of xbox one can actually fit in the qanba q1. what plastic part should be cut off without damaging anything???

Just an update… Finished the pad hack. Everything including triggers is working 100%. Also found this guide linked below helpful. Thank you everyone for helping me out.

If you look at the picture below… Everything in blue I had to grind down including the center screw. I kept the center hole that is used to screw down the plexi though. The top highlighted in green doesn’t need grinding but I wanted to add a neutrik port there. My advice would is to be patient and grind away bits and pieces until you are able to close the case with the pcb in there. All of the damage you do will be in the inside anyways so its not like you or anyone will see it.

is this method complicated for modding?

also should i get the mad catz arcade stick pro for ps3 for more space

and how much do this whole modding cost?

or should i get the xbox one arcade stick

I do want to save alot of money

The mcz pro is a much better buy due to it already having good parts. What mods do you want to do?

^If you want to be nextgen proof^

Buy the wii TTT2 te (on sale for $50).
Buy ps360+, gutted XB1 pcb and impv2 and you’re set.

If you don’t want to solder as much, get the crossbone with it.

If you want strictly XB1 stick, buy the wii te stick and XB1 pcb and you’re golden!

Ps - read up on the XB1 mods thread to give you an insight on how much work you’ll need to do!