Starting Small

Alright so since I posted thread with topics that are already talked about, I’ve decided to try something different. First of all, I admit to being a newbie and to me the scene is a little intimidating.

With that out of the way, I’ve decided to get in by starting small with the 3DS version, is this a good way to start off

Seems like the 3DS version (which I’ve only played the demo of) is an excellent game in its own right, but since tournaments use the console versions, that’d be your best bet for getting yourself into whatever local scene there may be. If that’s important to you.

Probably should start off on console. Get yourself a Pad or a cheap stick like the wireless T6 Hori stick or an SE. But i guess it’s a start… somewhat.

I don’t have a 3DS. It seems to have online play so it sounds like a fun way to get started. But the 3DS version has less buttons so the gameplay is different from the arcade/XBox360/Ps3/PC versions.

You already have a decent speed PC right? Super Street Fighter IV AE for PC costs only 40$, and with a 20$ (or less) Logitech gamepad you can start playing for fun online or local with a friend. That pad is good enough to do FADC ultra and simple combos. So 40$ game + 20$ pad = 60$ to get the complete game + online, inexpensive and fun.

If you decide to be really competitive you can buy a stick later and attend local tourneys.

Or if you have a console buy the game for it, but not sure if you do.

I don’t have an Xbox and my computer is too underpowered to handle games so for me right now this is my best option

Unfortunately, you’re going to be dealing with an awkward control scheme, a non-standard format, and a small pool of competition. Although fun, I wouldn’t recommend the 3DS version as a way to get started.

Yes. If you find the 3DS controls problematic for SSF4 or fighting games in general (which many of us do) , there is next to nothing you can do circumvent it. I would just say be patient and save your money to afford a console and stick/pad/hitbox you find comfortable using.

The other disadvantage of purchasing SSF4 on 3DS is that there is no current DLC option for Arcade Edition. This is the most updated version, and it is best if you are planning to take time in learning the game. They may add DLC to the 3DS version at some point but it isn’t certain.

alright thanks a lot for the heads-up guess I’ll just end up using the 3DS as a primer for the time being and I know you’ve probably heard this question over and over, but how long can you take losing against spammers before it messes with you

Word of advice, try making it a habit to get over any pissed off moments. You will have a lot of moments where you cannot punish unsafe moves correctly due to poor execution or reactions. IT wil no doubt cost you entire matches. It’s ok to get mad a stuff like this but in the end it’s just an emotional response that you can easily replace with calm reflection. The less time you spend raging online, more time you save understanding the game.

Unless you are talking about lite-mode “spammers” which allow you to do moves on a whim, do not compare the repetition of fireballs or other projectiles to spamming. As much as it doesn’t seem so to the naked eye, there are certain risks involved.

After you understand all the fundamentals of defense, offense, and spacing.

You can do yourself a huge benefit by reading the Footsie Handbook in it’s entirety. I’m not kidding. It’s jam packed with insightful ideas backed with video evidence. It’s no less than a Street Fighter Bible.

As long as you stick to fundamentals in tight situations though, you won’t have to worry about doing the best combos at any given time or getting the most opportune mix ups.