Starting the Genie Jin

How the heck do I start this thing? Once I get it going I do fine, I improvise fairly well and don’t usually drop the guy (I don’t always do the most damage possible with the GJ, but that’s just a matter of learning which moves do the most damage in what scenarios and etc, I’m not too worried about that part) the only problem is I have a great deal of trouble getting my opponent into the combo.
I understand the Jab + Short + Strong + GJ combo starter, and that’s great, but what if they block? I can’t for the life of me (outside of getting lucky with something every once in a while) get them into a combo if they just block everything. I’ve watched a zillion videos of Pyrolee and Mester and everyone else that plays Yun that I can find and they all do block-string into command throw, but I can’t figure out how to do that. One of two things typically happens: either I wiff the grab and they rape me, or in trying to inch closer to get within range they get out some or something and then rape me.

What am I doing wrong? Somebody please help me!

They most likely do the a kara command grab…oh well if you get jabbed/grabed out ouf your throw attempt just continue the string next time…bait them

verify your’s(not ez), when walkin in tap forward,as much as you can w\o ever dashing(dash grab is like jp only i swear to god, i always get tossed out), dont hold it and when you go for the also tap down clean (NO DOWNFORWARDS!) keep pressure on as u get closer then grab, try not to make command grab last second or its transparent to your opponent(yea pyrolee can do it but can you?) if your far away ppl typically say dont use dashpunch ackles…im crazy or retarded and i love using em the trick is never give it to em when they expect it and if their waiting for like a fierce tackle do a jab one first so they empty parry then do the fierce(fuck with the timing 10frames off and they miss the parry) for the dash punch be at the right distance so u can combo it,dashpunch> >palm. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY KNOW ITS COMING IF THEY DO NOT KNOW WHEN IT IS COMING!(so clutch thou) goukis dif but ive still yet to use my new strat vs paulwall so imma wait to post. fear what your opponent might do to counter and act accordingly, if you get knocked down PARRY! counter or just block dont try to out prioritize with cr.lks (yea its fast…your opponents meaty is faster.)

edit. btw for some of this shit you gota be ume-riffic\psychic\a mind reader\experienced? yea w\e take ur pick n be that

paul will 90% of the time teleport out of the corner when you start doing poke mixups.

if your opponent is in the corner…

walk up>> walk> repeat untill hitconfirm the to>f+hp or if they continue to block it all then around 30% meter command grab and get your 50% meter back and give them a quick 15% damage. Mathmatically it is your best option.


the night i played team hate i only played walls gouki twice, but i played smooths a few times and A: i assume smooth learned alota tricks from walls akuma and B: from the look smooth gave wall (yea i caught that :-P) if you wait for the tele then either f.dashpunch for far (kkk dp) tele and link into genei (perfect distance when he teles if you didnt move) or shoulder for short tele (both take timing)…well that takes his tele outa the equation for the most part

edit: btw i usually use then st.fierce but im learning that shoto is right…using the st.strong combo is incomparably better. it hits any\everyone almost regardless of distance and goes into shoulders ftw. now to work this into my game…