Starting up my own FG tourney in Los Angeles


OK, I wanna start my own FG tourney in LA proper the only problem is I don’t know what monitors are considered EVO standard, what eqiupment I need to stream from the PS3 to my computer, and finally what editing software allows me to edit in real time so I can change names set up graphics and so forth. Anybody know what these things are?

  1. Realize this is a LOT of work.

  2. Realize this will take a significant investment of cash (if you already have the PC you’re still looking at anywhere from $200 to $1k+)

  3. This thread is amazing, read through it, tons of info on how to stream: Streaming and Recording Guide/Research


The stream itself is going to be a HUGE financial and time investment to set up properly. The above thread has a link that leads to awesome information, but realize that it’s not as simple as hooking up a few wires and pressing the on switch.

The standard Evo monitor is the Asus VH236, and they can be pricey, but they’re fairly reliable.

My advice to you is forget about streams and all that. Just run a regular tournament and see how that goes. You’ll want to take baby steps here before you go off and try to start up a series similar to the LevelUp guys.

Focus your attention on getting your setups in order, how to advertise your tournament, learning how to run a tournament bracket, learning how to handle the money, finding a venue, dividing up the money to venue fee and to yourself, and how much should be going to the pot. Ideally you would set up several social networking sites to spread your name, taking photos and videos of your events to show people that you know how to run a fun event, and if possible, record the majority of the matches. Ideally, you would at the very least, record the winner’s, loser’s, and grand finals.

Start off small and slowly improve on your event organization from there.


Actually on a number of occasions Newegg and Amazon has the Asus VH236 on sale. its a on again off again thing
and it does not hurt to look.


You’re right. On Black Friday they were selling for dirt-cheap, but I’m trying to impart to OP the sense that its going to be a financial investment on his part to get all of these setups up and running, and it will be a LONG time until he can possible make his money back.


Well in that respects you are right, you need a monitor for every game system present, and you need a system for every match taking place at the same time.
You also want to factor in location or venue, if you are renting the location you also need storage space for equipment when it isn’t in use.
I am sure tables or stands for every unit set up, tables and chairs for the tournament officials and contestants

Also depending on the state you are in, you required to get permits and/or even a business license and pay any necessary fees or taxes
Like the state I am in there is a entertainment tax which applies to mostly movie theaters, music concerts, stage theaters, sporting events ect…


Do some research in your local area, see if there
[]A Market for a tournament where you are located
]See what other tournaments are going on in your area
[*]See what titles are popular


Wow, thanks guys for all the input. @GordonsBeard, yes I know that this will be a lot of work but from what I have gathered so far about the set-up it’s not much different than running a live TV show. I’m a film/tv major and that part will be easy once I get to that point. Besides I would love to do this and that in and of itself will make the work involved seem much less like work. Also I already have an investor lined up for the venture and I’ll use Kickstarter once I have a firmer idea of what the total cost to get started will be like.

@eltrouble, yeah I know it’ll be a big time and money investment but what isn’t these days that’s really worth doing? I have no doubt that I’ll be starting small, LA is a big city but reputation means a lot in the FGC and I gotta get started before I can be respected. Also having the time to work out the kinks and get my feet wet in the whole tournament scene will be invaluable before going live and putting the product out there for sponsors to see. Thanks for the info on the EVO monitors too, at least I know the price of one thing so far. The location will be the only trouble, I know of a few arcades here in LA and I think only one of them has the space to hold a tourney but to be honest I haven’t really scouted too much yet as my semester just ended yesterday.

@Darksakul, from the start I’ll only be running two to three games max. Obviously UMvC3 and AE2012 will be the main two but depending on demand I might throw in Skullgirls or KoF13. So hoepfully I won’t need more than 2 systems and two monitors at any given time if for no other reason than I simply don’t wanna have to haul too much stuff while I’m still getting it off the ground. As far as storage goes that I have covered, yes there’s definitely a market for a tourney in LA, none are happening here which is why I wanna start one, and well I think we can all surmise what titles are the hottest simply by looking at the EVO entrant numbers for each game.

So again I’d like to thank all you guys for giving you great advice all of which I’ll take into consideration as I move forward with this. Hope to see as stream monster one day.


You don’t HAVE to have it in an arcade. You can have it anywhere that is spacious and has plenty of electrical outlets. I’ve been in tournaments at college campuses, game stores, arcades, PC bangs, anywhere.


I know I don’t have to have it at an arcade but it’s the only place right now that I feel could house it. Besides gamers seem to love arcades (I personally don’t) and it might help that particular arcade’s business which would be good for both parties. But if I can do it without the overhead of paying out to an arcade for the space and time then yes of course I’d rather do it else where for cheaper or free.


You hate a place where gamers can get together and play some games offline? Sounds pretty antithetical for an upcoming TO.

Well, you will most likely have to pay for the venue, wherever you go. It’s not really a big deal, since that’s why you charge a venue fee. Your house is a viable option, but it really depends on the size of your house, and its accomodations. You want something pretty spacious, where people have a place to sit down, with a wide spread of casual and tourney setups. If you still plan on streaming, you’ll need quite a lot of space for your equipment, as there is going to be a lot of stuff you’ll need for it.

All in all, it will be extremely difficult to make a financial return on this system for quite a long time, until you’ve established a strong reputation and enough sponsors to back you up.


OK,OK,OK, you may have overreacted a bit but I understand the internet does that to people. Go back and read my post if you will, go ahead I’ll wait… OK note that I never said I hate arcades I said I don’t particularly like them, not because they suck per say but because I am poor and instead of shelling out cash to rent a game I wanna buy anyway I’d rather just buy the game. The Dreamcast made this possible and I don’t see any good reason to go back.

On the rest of your post, yeah guys I get it, it’ll be hard like harder than getting up and going to the fridge for food hard but I know this and I don’t care. This is something I feel I’ll enjoy and if it turns out that I don’t for some reason I’ll stop. I don’t owe anyone anything, I’ll try this out for a year and if everything is cool then I’ll continue doing it if not I’ll stop.


One piece of advice I would like to give is if you have any friends or know anyone that has run fighting game tournaments before see if they can help you run at least the first few events. Also, make sure your players are getting paid first, that is the quickest way to get a bad rep. Other than that, its a huge learning process and will take approximately a year to build a significantly sized scene to hold regular RanBats and tourneys, once its rolling its all about consistency.

I’m on year two with our scene here in SLO, CA and we just took a large hit to our scene vitality because our venue (the local university) where we’ve held our events for the past year just put the hammer down on cash payouts :frowning: sooo, sadly we cant run large tournaments anymore. There’s no incentive for pros / hard core players to drive to our city because of this. But, we’re currently trying to find a work around for this.

Our scene is still very new compared to the other operations in highest visibility; LevelUp, sp00ky, 8wayRun, FGTV

The way I started was to host casual events at my house, star building a player base. From there put your feelers out for interest of a small tournament for the most popular game amongst all of your players.

Once you get rolling then think about the stream, the thread mentioned above is great, I’m a regular there. Also check out Jaxels guide for a baseline setup:

Good luck dude! More tournaments make it viable for people to make a living play games and that’s definitely a good thing! Also, please make this your new girlfriend as it will take that much time and dedication to be successful lol

Option Select Tournament Articles:
Part 1:
Part 2:


Thanks for the info and for being really positive about this. I’ll do everything I can to make this great but I have no grandiose plans to be streaming off the bat. I will be capturing the tourney’s though. My main thing is to get players exposure and a place to play in Los Angeles that they can bus to. This way I can get the max amount of players over the long haul and the cash payouts can be bigger. I’ve already got some friends that come over and we hold little tourney amongst ourselves with me hosting, just to get my feet wet with the idea. As far as it being a girlfriend to me, nah it’s all business and when you have your own business it takes all of your time anyway but you know what it’ll give you in the long run is completely up to you unlike real girlfriends.


You attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo?


OK guys this is it guys about a few weeks till the tourney is up and running. One quick question what day would be best? Wednesday is off limits for obvious reasons and I was thinking Friday, mainly because the venue I want most is less busy that day. So what say ye forums of Shoryuken what day would you find best to go out and kick names and take ass?


I think you’d get a better response from the locals since you know…they are most likely to attend your event.


Like Geese said, you should consider posting this up in your local area. Just make sure the day isn’t conflicting with any other tourney, sporting event, concert, fight night, etc etc.


OK I’ll give the locals thing a shot but I also have to consider my schedule and that of my venue. We’ll see where it goes then.