Starting up Ultra the first time


My Internet is down so I went to a friend’s house with my Xbox to download Ultra and the pre-order DLC. After the download finished I packed up and came home. I popped in the AE disc and it booted. When it loaded to the “Checking DLC” screen I got a message that said that the DLC was corrupted or could not be loaded. Is this because I’m not online? Can Ultra only be played with a Live connection? Or does it need to download additional tidbits when you boot for the first time? Any insight that anyone can provide will be helpful. I’m going to bring everything over to my friends again and try to run the game with a connection on Friday.


Might have just been a bad download. Should’ve installed and tested it at your friends place first.


Downloaded ultra, started ssf4, another tiny download appeared, after it was asked if I wanted to convert save data to ultra.
That was pretty much the progress for me, if I remember it correctly. xbox eu.


Xbox does 2 things when you download, marries it to the Gamertag used and the 360 used.
So yes, from now on THAT gamertag has to be online to pass the ownership checks.
On the flip side, your friend can play all day, every day, offline, online, any gamertag since that’s the 360 used for the initial download. He would just need your profile on to download it to one of his storage devices.
This is how some people share dlc.
Your only other option now is to bring your console over, then go and set up a license transfer, which resigns all your purchased dlc to the console you’re on. Last i remember you could only do that every 9 months.


It was still his XBox though, not his friend’s, since he just brought it over since his home internet was down.


Thanks everybody. I’ll bring it back to his place. See if I can get it booted otherwise I’ll download again. Rinse and repeat. Appreciate the help.


Oops misread that. I’ve seen people just bring their hdd and disc elsewhere and get screwed.
You should be working perfectly fine then, unless theyve made some changes to how DLC is handled.
It’s been quite a few months since I messed around with all of that.
I have a regular retail 360 to go online and a modded one to stay offline to play with exclusive dlc since I refuse to play the preorder/exclusives game with all the different stores.