Starting your own local fighting game community?

so for a wedding present the a few weeks ago, i got a 2nd TE fightstick, and in a few weeks my wife is getting me for xmas the evo '09 monitor. I’m bummed in woodbridge,VA theres no established fighting game community, so I figured, I got all the things i need, why not just start it yourself?

I’m thinking starting a bi-weekly casuals at a good location in woodbridge, even thinking about approaching the local gamestop to see if they’d be open to letting me bring my stuff in to host a couple hour session every other week. Also considering finding a sports bar to see if they’d let me have a corner to set up my stuff, and people hang out and play for a while. Then, flier the hell out any place gamers might see it, post it on srk, and see who shows up.

any thoughts, feedback, or advice? I’d love to hear from folks who’ve started their own thing before.

I’d suggest you start small and host at home. Get a few friends that you know and you’re sure they’ll come to every single session that you host. Once you get an established group, as small as it might be, then you can start looking to host at places just to make sure that;

A) You got a bit of experience hosting these kind of things. You want to keep people coming back, keep em satisfied and spread the word and also keep track of all the stuff going on. That way nobody is gonna lose stuff or nobody is gonna have their things stolen.
B) You know for sure your venue fee is gonna come back to you at least or the venue will have you back. If you’re too loud or trash the place (which can happen quite easily considering you’re gonna be dealing with strangers)

Thats my 2 cents

i appreciate it, unfortunately i know zero people in my city who play, and no offense to srk, don’t necessarily feel comfortable having strangers roll into my house i met off the internet.

MD/VA players thread. Might be helpful.