When I first started playing 3s two years ago, I started playing it on the Xbox.

I’ve gotten used to the controls, but It still seems hard to bring stuff out at crucial times due to the obvious limits on an Xbox controller.

Well, I recently got a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 Stick…and I’m just wondering if anyone here is in the same boat as me. The game feels so weird actually playing it on a stick like this.

I do pretty well at arcades with bringing stuff out and such, but with this stick it just seems ridiculously hard. Anyone else start in the same boat? How long would you say it took you to catch up to your skill on the controller, now on the stick? Also any suggestions for where to place the stick? I know a lot of people either put it in their lap or play on the floor with it, any personal suggestions?

It’s going to suck, and you might find yourself switching back to pad from time to time. Just stick with it and it will all pay off in the end.

Edit: To actually answer your questions, it was months before I got used to stick with Guilty Gear, picking up a new game and starting from scratch on stick is what helped me the most.

I play with it on my lap because I like the position, but some people prefer playing with it on the floor or on a table because the stick doesn’t shake around. If there’s a table at a good height for you to play on I’d go with that, if not, it’s all up to weather or not you mind the stick moving.

took me about 2 weeks to get used to execution and such, but after you get pro at using stick you’ll wonder why you ever played on pad.

stuff like drumming, kara throwing and even jump in combos are so difficult on a pad. not to mention 360 motions if you play hugo.

and hori will take time to get used to because its a jstick. i still can’t execute properly on jsticks lol.

start with dashing

take me like a month to get use to the s-pad another week to week to get use to my Hrap and another 3 weeks to get use to my happ, and one moth to get use to play off line. LOL

For me it took forever to get used to my Sanwamodded SC2 stick, about 4 months or so maybe… I haven’t used a pad in forever now, however if I had one that was good I think I’d be able to do most things on it, except for maybe 360’s… Just use the stick in practice mode to decide on the best way for you to hold it, then start playing serious games. (Training-mode gets old after 5 minutes, and you might aswell learn to use the stick in the heat of action right away, best practice imo, just don’t be afraid of losing.)