Startup vs mag.

Ok, tired of those bastard magnetos always catching you at the startup?

Theres really only one thing that works, still, it is hard, but it guarentees ur ass as good as saved.

usually, mag will, s.lp, or and assist u mk hp or whatever. you think its a guessing game but its simple.

just jump and block RIGHT AWAY. its hard, but you’ll get used to it. you jump and block and it should be everything. now if they KNOW ur gonna do that, and they switch glitch the dash, be ready for it. dont worry where their assist will appear, just keep ur eyes focused on mag. just jump, block right away, and assist him and you should be fine for then.

vs really good players it just really is hard to get away from mag at startup

with sentinel, i recommend switch glitching into dash back. keep holding forward and walk up to mag in the beginning, hold back+dash right before it says “engage” btw switch glitch means you switch the character at the vs screen, then hold down a button or whatever u want to do to make it come out at the earliest time possible. note that this works with sentinel only, im not sure about other characters but it only works with sentinel out of the 4 gods. mag, storm, and cable get hit from what i know.

You do know u can get guardbroken off that right? there is noway to get away at the beginning unless u block and pushblock the first attack.

And that beats glitched launcher how? Or guard break, since you’re in normal jump mode?

I’m a horrible Magneto player (Lower Magneto Crew member #41!), and even I will eat alive anything involving Sentinel’s backdash. It’s really not that good as long as the opposing player remembers to get TWO quick hits - or you can glitch-dash into Sent as he glitch-dashes and attack before he recovers. (Megaman eats the dash too with a standard 40% combo into snapback.)

I’ve never seen any solid ‘perfect’ strategy for openers other than Block, and Block Really Really Well.

If you know magneto has switched at the start of the match just tag. If his move comes out he will get hit by tag. If he blocks ur dicked but most magnetos just love to abuse the switch trick. I play against several top players down in houston and they fall for this scrubby ass shit about 75% of the time.

Blocking is good. In the middle of a match, seeing if he’ll go high/low is hard, but at the start of the match it’s do-able. But, different Mag players have different habits, and some will get hit by jump back+AAA…

guard broken with what?

just jump and mash your assist, if you’re blocking, your assist shouldnt stop what its doing

another thing is if u go and try and pushblock the first hit, they will pause. say like you think they will j tri jump the lk, then you block up, they wait a second after it says “engage” and u block the wrong hit. and if u mash assist while doing that, ur gonna get double snapped.

if you’ve been playing with the guy for a while and his mag is good, its gonna be REALLY hard to get out.

EDIT: Preppr - what glitched launcher? are you sure it beats mag’s 1 frame lk? =\ i know thats probably the best thing to do with iron man, not sure about mag.

Glitched launcher for Mags is a switch-tricked cHP. Works damned well for me. YMMV. I bit it from Vegita-X (glitched launch with Rogue).

Doesn’t seem like jumping and blocking s.lp is very easy or consistent.

Well, you can’t block immediately after you jump. There’s a space where you’ll get hit on the way up. Add to that the fact that jumping away is a frame or two slower than jumping forward.

Im telling you if you know someone is going to switch trick just tag. It is too good I know ppl down here that dont even bother attacking at the start of a match because of this shit. When u tag u r invisible for a certain amount of time.

lol pimp thats a funny thing to do. hopefully mag’s kick wont recover before the tag hits.

anyways - preppy im gonna have to try that out, does it trade or beat mags lk? and are you playing vs switch glitched characters?

TS - yes jumping while blocking is a bad idea, ur gonna get nailed by mag’s if u do that, but i meant jumping straight up while avoids mags every time for me

about s.lp, im not sure if connects with that, i might have to check that out.

EDIT: pimp can you switch glitch the switch by holding down the 2 buttons? i never tried it.

yes you can, but dont do it.

I think it’s pretty safe to regular jump straight up and call out an assist at the beginning. It’ll screw up the slim timing that’s needed to guard break you.

can anyone go a little in-depth on this glitched launcher?

Nothing special about it. It’s just that sentinel blinks so the glitched launcher works well against some characters that normal jump with a lp lk starter.It’s not used as much because it can get ruined real easy. I’d personally only use it against another sentinel or Cable.

jumping ceases when somebody glitches s.lp as an opener…

yeah nvm s.lp glitch with mag doesnt even let you get off the ground. i guess there’s no guarentee to getting away safely unless you’re sentinel.

i would say block down and quickly block up since is 1 frame whereas j ad d lk is about 4 or so.

Yeah, Sent vs MSP= sent owned at start up. All you can do is block down and try to block the right way when the match begins. Best thing you can do IMO. If you have commando and you call him out, I believe if mag tri jumps, it’ll hit commando instead of Sentinel. It works with with Cable, but I’m not so sure with sentinel.

when your opponent anticipates that you’ll normal jump at the start. all he has to do is super jump low kick, dash down low kick while still in the air. now you’re guardbroken. :tup:

what about the partner? normal jump forward?back?up? push block make a diff?

Isnt Sentinel’s dash back in the beginning of the match fast enough to escape a