Stat keeping in the fighting game community

One of the good points coming out of the esports discussion was the issue of better stat keeping in leagues play, which would be a very good thing for the fighting game community.

I wanted to take that topic and split it into its own thread while the esports debate is still getting some good traffic in this area to see if we can’t throw around some ideas for better stat keeping in the fighting game community.

I think we should be like the NFL and only good stats and then really random stuff. Screw the shit in between. Like one thing that is important for us to know is PR Balrog’s win percentage with Rog after he hits you with 6 Standing Jabs. This is of importance and I hope to see an article in the front page about it.

For anyone who missed the last SRK UMVC3 tournament in new york they had stats showing for the players and it was a nice addition, although they did take a little explaining to understand.
The issue with external record keeping is that it only covers recorded matches. Which would probably make internal stat keeping at events better, but the logistics of that would still be odd to incorporate into current tournament structure.

Even something as simple as recording the characters used and the win loss count of each match would be a huge improvement. Also the incorporation of a central system to enter stats similar to what APEX was might work.

Just putting things out there to get the ball rolling