State College 11/18 Results



1st Chase Dog - Malignantmouse - magneto teams
2nd Shawn Mowery - Monkey - magneto teams
3rd Jordan Strauss- JewishJ - Cable on magneto teams
4th Dennis Hsieh - Kewlbub - random top tier
5th Rich DeLauder - FMJaguar - Storm/Sent/Capcom
5th Vin Nguy - Alphastorm - Sentinel and Cable
7th Dan Davies - Dangief - don’t know
7th Sunny Siu - IPlayCvS2 - don’t know
9th Jarvi Carrasquero QuakeII_Best - don’t know

Chase avenges his 4 previous 2nd place finishes, and a perfect in practice, by getting the Monkey off his back sort of speak, and taking the finals.

Jordan denies me of my 3rd place to finish and sits right behind them. He said he wanted to own up spiral and slap her into the ground but spiral was too busy going to wal-mart to go i hear.

Cable owns me, and noone else plays marvel so that’s all there is to say.

CvS2 ( US names )

1st Dennis Hsieh - Kewlbub - A-Vega/Geese/Rolento
2nd Vin Nguy - Alphastorm - C-Cammy/Sagat/Blanka
3rd Rich DeLauder - FMJaguar - K-Cammy/Kyo|Sagat/Bison
4th Chase Dog - Malignantmouse - K-Ryu/Yamazaki/Sagat
5th Jarvi Carrasquero - QuakeII_Best - K-Cammy/Balrog/Chun|Blanka
5th Sunny Siu - IPlayCvS2 K-Honda/Chun/? A-Chun/Todo/?
7th Dan Davies - Dangief K-Zangief/haohmaru/?

I totally forgot i had to learn to JD rolento before the tourney, I was quickly reminded when both matches came down to him SJ’ing in and locking me down when we’re both at 10% life.

Chase proves that Marvel players can almost play real games too, going from last to 4th since the break.

Out of nowhere everyone decided on K, which means i’m switching to something else next week, don’t know what yet tho.


Kewl played Ironman. All I remember was he and I were trying to figure out if what he picked was actually ironman and not war machine lol.


Tsk, such a cheap shot coming from one who only placed one position higher than him… :lol:

And why switch out of K groove now? Afraid that others’ K groove games will surpass yours? Is this all simply a trick to disguise your P groove playing? Or could you still be planning to play K…?



If it makes ya feel any better… I can’t go to barnes and nobles anymore… I go there, wait on a long ass line, and make a scene buying a playboy and a playgirl for my friend(singular)… I’ll note, despite all the humiliation I went through at B&N, the girl who recieved the playgirl as a “gift,” threw out her [pristine & unopened]porn… putting all my work in vein.

AND… The [chicken shit] dude who I bought the porn for… He gave me a measly $2 for doing his shit… At B&N, he left me on line, alone… I’ll have to resort to buying all my books at dalton.

And my advice to everyone… If you’re gunna buy porn, ask for the particular magazine, cuz the stupidass bitchess who work the registers are stupid enough to just throw you a whole goddamn stack of mag’s on the counter, adding more to the scene that I’ve already made. Also… I ask whether or not she needs to see my ID(and I am 18 btw[almost 19]) she YELLS it to the manager…

sad enough to say… this was the highlight of my weekend… sorry jue.


I think that Playgirl was for you…



so wrong…


FMJ and Monkey: Should have posted about the tourney…I know couple of people in state college, I could have came…this is sinawe by the way…


ROGER!!! Anyway we will have something every or every other weekend, let us know which is best, this weekend should be good for marvel players.


Go to the State College, PA 2003 thread (Click it for link), thats where all the updates for the tourneys are.



hey can hs dropouts enter or is it some exclusive college garbage… I might have to mash buttons to beat fmjaguar in cvs2 to defend marvel’s honor…


GGXX DAMIAN, get with the new my friend. I have it for ps2, and i will be better than wayne soon enough:lol:

I have copied ps2 games also


HS dropouts, college dropouts, and everyone else is welcome, PSU graduates have a $20 entrance fee however :).