State College 11/22 Results


Listing top 8.

GGXX - 20 people

Jacob P. Pitt
Malik Pitt
Jon F Pitt
Sunny Siu SC
Josh CT
Josh SC
James CT
Anaymi Hobbes Pitt

3s - 21 people

Arturo NY
Vin SC
Liston NY
Josh Wigfall NY
Chaz NY
Greg SC
James CT
McGregor SC

CvS2 - 26 people

Arturo NY
James CT
Skisonic MD
Chase SC
Josh CT
Roger Philly
Vin SC
Tony CT

MvC2 - 18 people

The REAL WINNER: MvC2 Mortal Kombat remix version

Josh W NY
Chaz NY
Arturo NY
Liston NY
James CT
Skisonic MD
Tony CT
Josh CT

Thanks to all the players that showed up, even to the people that almost showed up too.

EDIT: oh almost forgot the Bacardi vs FMJ 3s challenge… I won, by a lot. Next time we’ll play MvC2!


lots of fun today…im very surprised of the good turnout…thanks to everyone who showed up…our next one should be bigger and better…


josh is back:lol:

Does anyone have the teams used?

I like to watch the trends:D


Wow arturo got 3rd in mvc2, does he still even play that game:confused: I see wigfall is still trying to hang in there

Any GGXX vids?



Bacardiposting on jarvi’spc

i wanted wigfall in the mvsc2 tourney dammit! dont fucking snap in my commando lol :lol: i am a fucking beast gamn skisonic had to elimate me fmjaguarhad jarvi poison us damit i was sick dammit

  1. Jake"Toiyet" P. Pitt
  2. Malik “FatCat” B. Pitt
  3. Jan “acme/supnod” F Pitt
  4. Ami “SG_Ami” H. Pitt

good job boys.


GBURSINE!!! You bleeding pimp you. Thanks a billion times for showing me the way to heaven, otherwise known as the hub. This place is now spoken as a legend.

FIFTY CENT CHEESEBURGERS!!! Whoot whoot whoot.

Kids kids kids, stop playing ggxx and play reload only. The game is so much better. A million times better.

And maybe some of you can make it down for a Pittsburgh tourny sometime. I can’t promise anything but free Panera food and a good time.

ARTTTTT you beast you. Good to hear you got a second platta! And third in Marvel, such a sweetheart.

And props to whomever it was that played faust at the tourny. You have a serious chunk of potential. Keep up the good work.

And would love it if I could see the vids of the winner three on five between me and Malik. That would be awesome if you put that online or we could arrange something so I could get a copy of it.

I had a blast at this tourny. Thanks to everyone for a doing a great job on running and organizing it.

Peace out



Sorry for not finishing the team GGXX #Reload tourney. People were all over the place, then Andy took our monitor, so that pretty much killed it. It was hard enough trying to get the matches we did run started before people were called off elsewhere. Regardless, Pitt won, as every team lost to them 2-0.

Winner: Team Seewius (Fat Cat, Toiyet, acme/supnod)

Losers: Team I Love Dragons (James, A Minor Threat, Chaz)
Team Black Wind, Fire, and Steel (FMJ, Cuervo, QuakeII_Best)
Team Leftovers (gbursine, some cat guy, SG_Ami)


<—toi’s burger bitch:lol:… Pitt is teh coolest

i had a blast at teh tourney… got to meet hated 0 and bacardi…too cool fo me:cool:…
I suk at everything, and yet, Im surrounded by good/decent people…

The Team GGXX was RIGGED!!! team leftovers played ONE other team and teams WERENT random… I was told they were.

I wish monkey or jue showed up.

Hopefully, after playland closes, our SC group will still be tite, and we can have another ST^3 next year…(tho jarvi won’t be there :()

to OROCHI GREG YOUR FUCKER IF YOU EVER TALK SHIT TO ANYONE WHILE THEY PLAY DURING [H1]ANYTHING[/H1] I WILL KICK YOUR ASS. friends making fun of friends lose, then gloating in their face at how their winning even though they suck harder than oprah isn’t cool. greg, its time you learn, you’re just not funny…
(fmj don’t delete)

and spiral is top tier:cool:



Haters thought he quit after Evo. Naw that fucker’s been training. No one will bring down the Wigsta. He is too powerful. Josh just keeps beasting and beasting and beasting…see a pattern here. Just get the fuck out his way.

Arturo Sanchez??? Top 32 at evo, and getting 3rd? WTF?:smiley:


Great turnout, thanks to all everone that came out to the sticks for the tournament. I just wish that I hadn’t sucked so bad :smiley:


I’ll be here next semester though :stuck_out_tongue: We will have another SC ST^3 for sure.

Practicing on Playland for a week = 15$
Paying all entry fees for tournaments = 17.00$
Buying lunch on Wendy’s = 4.76$

Watching WIGFALL Magneto’s in MvC2 Mortal Kombat remix version= PRICELESS!!!

I need MvC2… it is just too good… just too good.
Storm, Cable, Capcom FOR LIFE!!!

I’m tired and I got work to do :(… I’ll post a little more later on… but thanks to everyone for letting us borrow your sticks and for coming here, it was a great day.


The tournament was really fun…If my philly mates hadn’t bailed on me, i would have been more dedicated and concentrated on staying for the whole tourney. Sorry I left early…

p.s. I should have gotten last place in CvS2 for leaving early…


Tourney was fun but it could have been run a little faster…if everything ran properly we could have ended t by 8-9 I think. I wanted to check out the college (state college is fucking tight) and Playland.

BTW, what’s up with the random Halo LAN parties at State College? WTF?? They should have Q2 because that is the best FPS ever made. :stuck_out_tongue:

it was cool seeing everyone again, especially Team Pitt, sorry I couldn’t kick it longer but I had to leave. Thanks to FMJ and crew for running this tourney.


The main problem with #R is that switching is that everyone would lose access to the game, since everyone bought XX from the store and do not need to play imports otherwise. I just found out about this boot disc thing (i don’t own a ps2 so i don’t keep track) so if that works then it’ll be easy for everyone to get the game and we can have #R instead at the next tourney maybe cause it’ll be a cheap upgrade (also since HT is coming). I wonder how people liked the #r that was there i only played a couple matches and not very well i might add.

Oh and thanks to josh for helping us finish out marvel. Don’t know who’s remix that was but it definately added something to the event, whether it was something good i’m not sure, but it was funny as hell. I was waiting for magneto’s fatality.

XX was sort of recorded but how long as to what extent i don’t know, Jarvi will have to fill you in.

Also SC2 teams were random, XX’s were not, I was told that before i entered but i didn’t run it so i don’t know how the confusion happened.

Roger - You already played matches, so the easiest thing to do is just mark a loss for the rest and keep your place, otherwise it just messes up the other places.

All and all i think it was great, next one will be better, don’t really know when tho.


The tournament kicked ass. I never had that much fun in a while. I met some new peeps too. Even though i got owned in everything I learned a whole lot from watching everyone play. That marvel remix was phat as hell too:cool:. Also big thx to James from CT, those pointers you gave me will come in very handy indeed bro, thx a million:) . FMJ, and Alphastorm deserve big props for their work on the brackets, good job. Lastly, everyone from pitt, philly, CT, NY, and MD thx for comin, hope to see you guys again.

Yeah Greg, telling people that they’re choking or sucking your teeth while they’re playing is distracting and doesn’t help people do any better either thats:lame:. Considering who I had to play against for my first match in 3s, that really fucked me up.



Thanks for the faust compliment, I played kinda shoddy but still did decent. Adapting to eddie was a hard part and I do shitty against testament anyways Ill admit that. You guys were great to play and hopefully I will be able to play you guys again at NEC if your going.


Yeah Josh! best in new england REPRESENT! :lol:


like you said, i think alpha and fmj deserve a lot of credit for getting all those games to run smoothly. so thanks to those two sluts.

yeah and regardless of the greg thing, i saw some of your matches, and they were pretty good, especially some of your 3s matches were pretty impressive. too bad we didn’t find you last semester. anyway, i’m out, probably see all you sluts at playland some time.


good job christian:cool:

hopefully we’ll get to play at the next cleveland tourney, if they ever finalize a date…