State College 2/22 Results


  1. Vin Nguy “AlphaStorm”
  2. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub”
  3. Jason Salvano “JMS”
  4. Nasir Neal “God of Death”
  5. Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2”
  6. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar”
  7. Andy C “ssbomberman”
  8. Sean Hengchua “gbursine”
  9. Dan Davies “Dangief”
  • Alpha uses random counters to get to finals, then counters Kewl with Blanka.
  • Dan gets owned by brackets as revenge for marvel i guess, playing me then JMS. However nothing was rigged lol.
  • JMS uses Dee Jay and beats my balrog, we all know why that is, even tho ponder won’t let me say it… we all know…


  1. Vin Nguy “AlphaStorm” - 12/Hugo/Oro/Ken
  2. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub” - Yun/Ken
  3. Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2” - Urien
  4. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best”
  5. Dan Davies “Dangief”
  6. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar”
  7. Jason Salvano “JMS”
  8. Andy C “ssbomberman”
  9. Sean Hengchua “gbursine”
  • I forget what happened


  1. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub” - V-sak/vega
  2. Vin Nguy “AlphaStorm” - A-Ryu
  3. Jason Salvano “JMS” - vega/chun
  4. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” - V-ryu/X-Chun
  5. Andy C “ssbomberman”
  6. Sean Hengchua “gbursine”
  7. Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2”
  8. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best”
  9. Dan Davies “Dangief”
  • That was our first (and last) A3 tournament, thanks for being a part of history! Now lets not mention it again :slight_smile:
  • A3 will be replaced with GGXX in the next cycle, 4 weeks from now (subject to change)


  • Even tho we got kicked off the big TV, it was a good time
  • 25 cent nestea >>>> *
  • Dennis plays too much xbl, Probably was doing O.ken DPs a second early and getting hit
  • Alpha wins 2 tourneys, and not only owns kewl for free, but is the NEW top 5 player in Atl North, according of course, to the new ranking system.

Dee Jay has maracas :cool:, Balrog has boxing gloves :o. 'nuff said k thx


No one here cares about being placed in Atl North. I just want us on Apex so people know we exist. Hopefully that could bring in some good outside competition.

How comes no one posted the results when I got my 3rd place last week!!!

I bet fmj was feeling bitter…

I post them when i post apex, apex was down the first half of the week, then i had the flu the 2nd half, sorry. I am catching up on apex tho if it makes you better. How bout we make you top 10 in atl north as consolation! :slight_smile:

I’m more bitter that i didn’t even get 3rd in A3 when i’m like the only person that remembered the game lol.

Don’t hate on a brotha! I x-copied the X-chun BHM powa!!! :lol:


What is this foolishness? BLANKA winning the ST finals? First of all, NOBODY plays Blanka on the EC but me! The WC has learned to fear my beast-man from EVL, and Julien Robinson lost miserably in the Blanka/Blanka mirror match at ECC7. So let’s get one thing straight: there is only one real deal, and you’re looking right at him.

Also, I didn’t realize there was actually fresh ST competition on the EC. I’m planning on taking ST at ECC this year and I want to make sure I can obliterate anyone that stands in my way…no joke. I already went to CTF and beat Ricky Ortiz, who is the current champion at the Break…and I never picked my top tier characters either. Okay so he didn’t either. Doesn’t matter, I’m still going to beat him. I’ve also been to the Break and beaten everybody there pretty convincingly, including the “new EC hype” of Kei. He’s good, but again, I never picked my best characters, and I used the matches we had to learn his style.

I’m really adamant on winning ECC this year. I feel the only chance of me losing is if a really good WC player comes and once again shows me some stuff I’ve never seen. But judging by how well I did at EVL, I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore.

IN SHORT (lol) I’m issuing a challenge to all you State College ST players, especially this “Alpha” guy who thinks he knows how to use Blanka. I need new competition, and it looks like you’re all that’s left. As for ST tournies, there really are none besides yours and those at the Break once a month, but I usually can’t make it to those. HOWEVER, CT is having tournaments every Friday at an arcade called Jesters Gameland, on a DC with dual MAS 360s. If someone’s interested in coming to challenge me, or play me for money, or whatever, let me know and I’ll set it up.