State College - Episode V: Dennis Strikes Back


Nice to see someone is still alive and kicking. I would like to go but as you can see, our scene is dead. I don’t think I’ve even heard of half the games you guys are running.


Hi Thahn! The Firm is alive and lurking.


I think we should go back to renaming a new thread every semester


And have 2 posts every semester?

Savonne, where the heck are you? Msg me your gmail contact. I never see you online.



Dennis dominating them 2003 charts


Hey, if you guys want to travel we’re running a smash, USF4, MKX, and UMvC3 Tournament in York, PA. Here’s a link to the event.


Do you guys still play? I’ve been in the area and have been thinking about playing again. Casuals friendlies money matches tournaments etc etc I’m down for whatever. I play Tekken, ST, CVS2, MVC2, and some SF4. Basically pretty old school, so if you guys still dab that’s coo.


Yeah, I would say some of us could get out of our rockers and play a few, maybe Thurs evening or this weekend.


man this thread are dead,





we should prob see if the younguns are playing sfv at the hub


Three more weeks lah! Chris we still haven’t beaten Yoshi’s Island I am just saying.


good god yoshis island


Chris why are you playing Megaman 3 when Megaman 8 is obviously the superior Megaman. Also awaiting for footage of the Brainlord livestream to arrive on a video site that’s allowed in China…


New to the area. Is this place still alive?


Mostly rickety old men in this thread, but you can probably find students playing in various dorms; just don’t try to sneak into atherton hall because they will arrest you.


Scott!! Man…posting in here making my eyeballs misty…


Yo Savonne! It’s been too long.
It’s time THE FIRM returns to state college


I’m going to need a walker soon.


Live footage from teatime 2018: