State College, PA 11/15-16

Friday MvC2:

  1. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub” : Cable/BH/Cyke
  2. Shawn Mowery “Monkey” : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke
  3. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” : Sentinel/Cable/Cyke
  4. Sean Hengchua “gbursine” : Sprial/Sent/Cammy
  5. Jordan : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke
    5)Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” : Sentinel/Cable/Cyke
  6. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best” : Storm/Cyke/Iceman
  7. John Shao : Sentinel/cable/capcom
  8. Adam : ?/?/?

Saturday 3s:

  1. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub”: V-yun
  2. Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” : Oro/Ken
  3. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” : Makoto
  4. Nasir Neal “God of Death” : Ken
  5. Chase Dog “Malignantmouse” : Ryu
  6. Jason Salvano “jms” : Ken
  7. Jason Jones “Shin Shitenshuu”: Yun
  8. Dan Davies “Dangief” : Hugo
  9. Sean Hengchua “gbursine” : Ken
  10. Adam Wilbeur “Cheet” : Yang

Saturday CvS2:

  1. Dennis Hsieh “Kewlbub”: A-Akuma/kyo/Rolento
  2. Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” : C-Cammy/Vega/Blanka
  3. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best” : K-Bison/Cammy/Blanka
  4. Jason Jones “Shin Shitenshuu”: C-Vega/Chun Li
  5. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” : N-Ryu/Eagle/Bison
  6. Sean Hengchua “gbursine” : Sakura/Zangief/Morrigan
  7. Dan Davies “Dangief” : Zangief/Ryu/Barlog
  8. Nasir Neal: Ken/Sagat/Yamazaki
  9. Chase Dog “Malignantmouse” : Ryu/Ken/Sagat
  10. Jason Salvano “jms” : Honda/Vega/Blanka
  • My streak of 6 consecutive 3rd place finshes was snapped by my loss to SS in CvS2 =(
  • CvS2 was the most competitive tournaments we’ve had yet, most of the matches were very close, although taking forever to play.
  • I hope we have seen how it is NOT a good idea to go back and play random games (ggx, mvc1, etc)… we didn’t leave till 11 even tho the tourney ended at 7:30. If someone wants to bring another dc and do that aside from the main machine that’s fine, there was some discussion but we’ll see.

ok i’m tired now good night

If we use that room again, I propose we run a ping pong tournament. That way, we can at least feel good about ourselves in that we get a little bit of exercise out of the day :smiley: