State College Spring 2007: A Fresh Cup



Everytime Sean posts i get sad. But THE FIRM has no time for emotions. I must lead by example.

Ok…So SeasofCheese can play on thursdays thats cool. I might be able to drop by your dorm sometime or you could come around here Cheese on thursdays if im not busy.

T-Furious and Scott da Beast: are you guys playing tonight(WED)? I might drop by. Ill call one of you after my class is done. Also, if we play thursday i can show Cheese where you live and what bus to take if he doesn’t want to walk that far lol

I dunno if I forgot anything.

thx fmjangles


Sounds good. Hooray for the new thread! :wgrin:

We live 15 mins(walking) from Beaver and allen. I can drop by campus thursday night, just let me know when and where.

Seasofcheese: what type of setup do you have?

this wouldnt be a state college thread without m posting in it. Hail the king of kings fmj


we need jarvi & sunny to post in this thread. thats what makes sc threads complete.

The earliest I can do on Thursday is 5. My first class on Friday isn’t until 1:25, so I can stay out pretty late. If you want, I can give you my cell on a PM so we can work out specifics. As for my setup, I have a custom stick for PS2, all the games listed in my sig except MOTW, and a rediculiously small TV.

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be going on campus tonight. Let’s do this when more people are free. See you guys next week!

/r/ premium version of teapire av plz

You cannot escape me.



Tonght Scott da Beast defeated THE FIRM in a first to 6 3s candy match. 6-1 !!! THE FIRM gives his congrads to Scott. THE FIRM will train extra hard next time. -> 3s shit -> tutorial for ST (for those who don’t have ccc2) -> 3s shit

I wanna give a shoutout to CHASE DAWG, Kyle aka higher kyo and jms the ST god in philly.

I’m confused…Is archetype “The Firm?”

yes THE FIRM is my organization. We go by the motto. “We do what we do because when we do it gets done” Established between the years 1979 and 2007(exact date is confidential) we maintain the status quo for things that need their status quo maintained. THE FIRM has close affiliation with THE TEAPIRE. In addition we really like pancakes.

Pancakes are awesome…Are we playing SF on Thursday?

Hey, I just got up here at Stat college a week or so ago, maybe we can chill sometime. You guys only play the Capcom games? And any thing other then fighters?

I play sf, kof, guildwars(just started), diablo2, mtg, chess, table tennis, pool, poker, blackjack and craps.

how do you still play diablo2, is there any money left in that?

carmen I saw that you posted this in our old thread
Well my favourites are VF4, Tekken 3/Tag, and the SNK stuff (KOF, SS, Last blade…) I do like CvS2 and will try other stuff (I’ve yet to play 3S and haven’t played Alpha in years.) About the only serious fighting game I don’t like is Soul calibre (I just haven’t got ‘into’ it I guess)*

do you play and tekken 5? Me and alphastorm could play you in that in addition to some of the games you mentioned. I remember some vf4 from sophmore year lol. Where are you staying?

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