State College Spring 2008 A.D. - The Firm's Final Attack!

Let the final assault commence…


o snap. craziness.

god bless u all

Three cheers for the new thread.

Final attack? Don’t say it’s so:sad: We should get a tournament in. There are ones in Philly and CTF in Feb.

Jaron, you still want to play tonight?

final attack noooooooooooo

this saddens me

Scott How late are you going to be up? I may stop by since I might be in the area. Depends though, because I’m getting real low on money and may not be able to afford the trip. I hate it when you start a job and they don’t pay you for three weeks. Bastards. In any case I may see ya later.

Long live SC.

  • and i’m always down for tournaments

I’ll be up till midnight and have some bus tokens if you’re short on cash. But it’s cool either way; I think we’re getting together again Friday/weekend.

I can’t be out too late, but I can play on Friday. Lemme know what’s goin down. Unfortunately I busted my PS2 stick, but I have a stick for Wii along with Accent Core, the SNES port of HF, and a PS2 to Gamecube adapter for PS2 sticks that I’m willing to bring.

The walls abandon shape
They’ve got a cheshire cat grin
All blurring into one
This place is on a mission

Before the night owl
Before the animal noises
Closed circuit cameras
Before you’re comatose

Here’s the next UP tournament:

Yo JMS did you get a real job? You still playing ST? How much flour should I put in my pancakes? I’m desperately trying to get the game room in order for a gathering this weekend…we shall see…

YOMG JMS is getting a year older tomorrow…

yes. yes. :looney: YOMG I have no idea, what’s the back of the Bisquick box say? If you have Bisquick then why are you using flour? OMG. Okay good luck with that! BAM!

WHAT? Oh yeah, that’s awesome. Tomorrow I turn half your age. LC even sent me a happy birthday, damn. I need to get on top of things; you two know my birthday better than I do. Where’s Chase Dog? Thanh, I have your DVD. Where do I send? What are Xentharg crystals?


We’re gaming tonight at Andy’s or maybe my place. Happy bday jms!

What’s wrong, snoogins?

Time to gather the troops

Ok suckas, a little rhyme, just in time, for the line to be drawn.

On friday, we be throwin it down,
suckas like Scott be goin to town with mad skillz,
they don’t cause me no ills,
I just hit the turbo and show them a no frills defeat.

On friday, we got some new games,
arcana heart, ngbc, but the results be the same,
suckas be losin, mad losin goin on,
so just start bitchin now, go on,
cause I drain your life,
like I drain your pockets,
like I blow out your eye sockets with a megaton sonic boom,
make your puke fill the room,
a f^&* giant mushroom of pain,
Bitches proclaim…defeat.

So now that I got that out of my system – friday is on. The game room is reaching final completion…I’m gonna try and pickup NGBC on the cheap tonight and I procured Arcana Heart PS2 and will load that. We can even run a 3rd setup if there’s demand. Who’s in?

Scott, tomorrow, Wed, want to play for 1-2 hours before I head to my 6 oclock thing?


That was beautiful and witty.

On a serious note, yes, I will play. What is NGBC?

neo geo battle coliseum!!