State College Spring 2008 A.D. - The Firm's Final Attack!

scott, i tried to stop by last night but you weren’t home. next time I’ll post or call first. Is next tuesday still good?

p.s. i got ngbc if someone wants to play

Whoa, sorry about that; I came home a little later than normal. Tuesdays are normally fine. Are you free this Friday?

Hmm, I’d be interested in the NGBC. A guy last semester was telling me a lot about it. It probably plays a lot like KOF 2003, I read.

yo! I’m seriously thinking of coming down presidents weekend of february. whats the possibility of ya’ll accepting my second coming (lol)?

Sorry, not a chance!

yo yo yo yo yo. what up. i miss you fools.

jms, send me another pm and i’ll set your house on fire.

Man, where is the love? Friday is on peeps. NGBC is ok, worth a little time between ST and 3S… I also will load Arcana Heart tonight…


gbursine when is presidents day weekend?

ok where are the ass-whoopings taking place on friday?

president’s weekend is the 2nd or 3rd week of feb.

chase you still got my jacket?

President’s weekend is Feb 16,17, and there’s a 3s Kaillera tournament on the 17th. Is anyone interested in this?

Andy, when do the doors open for Friday’s Battle Opera?

Not sure - 7 ish?

Scott, etc. what adapters are best for PS2 to PS3 sticks? Looks like ST HD might be out soon and I want to be prepared.

Chase, sean, whoever else is near philly: Come play some SF at Doylestown sat. 6pm.

Andy: I tried the pelican converter and there was no lag. They sell them at the gamestop up on north atherton.

may not be able to make it through tonight but I am definatley down for tuesday.

I’ve been in a few kailerra tournament. Won one of them, got second in another one and i suk ahahahahaha

sean, i smoked your jacket 3 months ago.

thanh: what the hell are you doing in doylestown?

I been looking for those pelican converters for a while, did they have a lot up there?

Didn’t have any as of yesterday…

sorry they were there 2 weeks ago. You can find them easily online.

chase: Doylestown has a gaming/comics shop and every saturday night, they have 3-4 setups for fighting games.

I read about that too. I was really keen on going when I was back at home, but it was still a bloody 3 hour driving. I still sort of regret not going. Have you been to one yet Thanh?