State of Fighting Game Community

this is something that has been pissing me off as of late. The fighting game community in general needs to come to tournies. no matter who is holding them, your only hurting the community more by being selfish. I mean it infuriates me to no end how most people would rather stay at home and play online then actually go to tournies. You know how everyone is saying that “Oh look at all these fighting games coming out,” or “oh fighting games are back in prime time.” or something like that, well if you don’t come to tournies then how is your scene or your skills going to grow? I mean like it seems to me that most people would rather sit at home and play online and only go to majors instead of locals, which I find really pathetic.

do you mean sf4 community or the Fighting Game Community

So we’re not allowed to have lives outside of video games? Well, gee, just because you said it I guess I have to go to every tournament now.

oh good, we have our bi-monthly FGC disappointment thread.

ive never been to a tourney :frowning:

How come some people can’t have the transportation to go?

I’ve been to several tourneys, but I remember watching the stream for one tournament where the stream director skisonic told everyone (under the FADC banner) that if you were watching the stream instead of coming to a tournament, you were poor/ungrateful/a shithead.

Cool stories bro.

I’m worse. I never even went to a major or local tourney. The closest experience I’ve had regarding one was Tournament Mode in Super Street Fighter 4. The HD Remix Tournament Mode was just…empty.

Yeah man, there’s a big amount of FG players in all parts of the world that they can throw money at each other.

From 1985 to 1999 I was an arcade gamer, on fighting games since Yie Ar Kung Fu and Street Fighter, but in those years I only went to a The King of Fighters '98 tourney where I was competing.

However, I don’t worry for the genre because I know for sure that many people love playing fighting games, and I know the tournamente are still growing because gamers with an optimal financial status always travel to enjoy those tournaments.

who wants to pool money together w/ me and start a sweet gamer house. a place where we can just play agmes all day and get sponsorships to game forever. its the future and its coming soon

^Me and my friends did something like that (A gamer house) when we were young. I was like 11.

We had a fake lil Arcade, charging people 50 cents to a dollar to play PS titles. I remember when the one kid gave us a dollar, and he wanted to play X-Men Vs Street Fighter. Once he realized you couldn’t switch out, he cursed us out and left.

I go to tournaments whenever I can. Too bad im going to miss seasons beatings though…

Er… I’m pretty sure more people are going to local tourneys than ever before. Every one I’ve gone to has had the brackets bursting at the metaphorical seams.

Yeah, more people are playing online. The games are popular. But more people are showing up at tourneys because of it, though. You worry too much. Of course majors are going to get more draw, but if you’re not having enough people showing up to your local gatherings, then maybe you need to either get the word out more, or you have a deficiency in fighting game players in your area.