State Of The GTASF Address

There were a lot of big things to cover and I thought it best to go this route.

Not everyone is up to speed with what’s been going on with EVO. Mr. Wizard announced that there would be no qualifier tournaments this year. As such, there will be no EVO East trip. I dropped a line with Jetphi and Fugee to see if ECCXIII or SBIII was being planned as a replacement and neither of them is up for it. As such, the road trip planned has been scrapped. As for Evolution World, I plan to attend that tournament this year. I have a week’s vacation over that period and plan to spend it in Vegas both for EVO and as a vacation. If people plan to attend, I suggest saving money now. I’m probably going to take $2000 with me for the trip. I will be happy to co-ordinate flights and what not (I have two friends that are travel agents and get good deals) if people are serious about going to EVO or just going to Vegas in general.

This tournament is kind of in limbo. At the present time, Freddyloco and Mao are co-ordinating. They are looking to run at a venue in May. My May is wide open and I plan to go to Montreal if something comes up. If people are interested in going, put aside around $200 - $300 for the weekend. I’ll likely rent a van and we’ll go down for a few days to hang with MTLSF and OttawaSF.

I had quite a few people ask me at NLDIV about the monthly tournaments and when I was going to start directing them again. Frankly I have no interest in running monthlies or RanBats any longer. The current directors are doing a satisfactory job in co-ordinating a sufficent amount of events and it looks like there are regular casuals going on between the Friday weeklies at Lovegetty Station and the Marvel casual at Shaun’s house. If people are looking for more tournaments, I suggest asking around for help and running one yourself. Which brings me to…

This decision was a long time coming and I was flip flopping back and forth on it. However, in the end I have decided not to organize the T tournament this year or any subsequent year. I looked back at T8 and I honestly don’t think I can top that event. It had a great venue, the most games we’ve ever played and the most people ever to attend a T tournament. When I thought about how I could top that event, I drew a blank. Then I thought about whether I could run something just as good and I honestly couldn’t figure out how either. With my two right hand guys in Stephen and Nathan being busy with activities outside of SF and me being unwilling to put my faith in new general directors and money into another big venue, there was no way it could be done. I encourage someone/people to step up and take their shot. It’s a great tournament and I’d hate to see the tradition broken. Be forewarned it’s a monumental responsibility and quite frankly it’s a thankless job as well. You do it for the community, not for yourself.

I think that covers it. Again I remind everyone that I am still looking to co-ordinate the GTASF trips to Montreal and Vegas. The former is about two months away and the latter is five months away. That is plenty of notice to get your money together and go. You can find me on MSN, drop a line in here or PM me if you have a serious interest in either trip.

I think if the community is willing we could all pitch in and create another T series tournament, as it would be absolute shame for this scene to lose such a great tournament.

T9: (G)3vo?


It’s ok, SF4.

eventhough I play casuals at shauns every other week, I couldnt care less about competative tournies.

Justin you posted that you’d be assembling a trip to MWC in the tournament thread. I’m wondering if that’s still planned or not?

I didn’t include any thoughts on Mid West here because I don’t know if they’re going to run the qualifiers on Japanese cabinets or not. If not then it’s a waste of time to put a team together. If so then I"ll assemble a team for Chicago.

Just a heads up to gg ppl, theres no AC at evo… they chose a dying game (cvs2) over a game that has a player base that keeps getting bigger…oh well

Bring the nationals to Winnipeg!

shows what you know about dying games :stuck_out_tongue: CvS2 > AC :smiley:

thats exactly right
CVS2 dying more than AC

but anyway, its expected.

yea…expected…capcom is too powerful =\

we need a meeting or something.
pui, lets talk

both games suck

Assuming people don’t murder me from trying. :rofl: There would still obviously be a need for a lot of help from the people that have been a part of T series all the previous eight years.

I once thought about turning it into an o-series instead.

However, considering that both our best games are considered “dying” and the biggest and best player base is still toronto, I think that would be a lesser option. One day, when I have the resources i’ll throw a tournament big enough for all the major underground gamers in the country.

Anyways, the ottawaSF crew is still amped to bring several cars again, should T9 occur.

Need SBO Quals in Toronto so I can play GG and CvS2


I’am sure the Elite of GTASF will come together and run T9. It puts canada on the international scence. and T8 had so many fucking games it was awesome. Espcially if there are going to be less tournies this year, T9 wouild bring massive hype and turnout. In the ohio results thread, there were so many american players who said they wanted to reach toronto next time there was a tourny. You can charge a 10 dollar cover or whatever to pay for most of the costs, and im sure some of the higher members of GTASF will want to make their own contributions anyways.

What are the things nessesary for organizing such a large event?

venue: banquet hall, hotel, someone with a mansion? how much would that cost?

location: good place that isn’t hidden in the middle of nowhere with easy access via public transportion or roads and international travelers.

time: when most of the organizers can take time off work

what else?

What do u seriously know about running tournaments?

Let alone anything. . .


equipment, supplies and willing people.