Staten Island Players


I’m starting this thread because i just wanna find ssfiv and mvc3 players from staten island so that we could just all get together and play casuals instead of playing online because everybody knows offline is better. So if your from si post in here


Dongan Hills up in this. I remember you from that other site. You rep annadale.


Yep I’m trying to get players from staten island all together and find a place to go play casuals


Sounds good, man. But fucking no one plays in SI. All my friends that play video games play CoD or some other gay shit. I know one person that plays on PS3 that’s from SI. But that’s about it.


Lol Mario.

Anywho, me & a friend are trying to get a thing going at CSI for weekly tournaments for SSF4AE, MvC3, and MK9. Whether or not it’s definitely going to happen I’m not 100% sure, but theres really no reason why not. They’ll start around the time of the fall semester if we can get it by then. I’ll have 2 TE sticks ready for everybody so nobody break them though… those fuckers are expensive. My goal’s to get a solid group together, maybe go to bigger tournaments down the line. So we’ll see. Oh, and you’ll have to go to CSI in order to play unfortunately.


Grasmere here. I’m willing to meet up weekly.


Just moved to SI, I’m in Fort Wadsworth. I play MK9 and UMvC3, hit me up.