Staten Island SSFIVAE & UMVC3 Players


I’m a ssfivae & a umvc3 player and I’m looking for players in the staten island area that would like to get together and have offline sessions


I don’t really mess with umvc3 too much cause frankley I suck. I am looking to get better though.I mostly play SSF4AE. I’m a Cammy main. My friend who is also on the island is a Guile and Bison main.


Cool Man I’m a Abel and Guy player where on staten island are you from


Im An UMVC3 Player. And Also Have lots of friends who play Both MvC And SSF4.


Cool man what part of staten island are you from


I live By West Brighton And Port Richmond


That’s cool I live in Annandale have you ever been to any tournies at all


yes i have lol. Ive been in online tournys and local game or hobby stores tournys. But I can never find any in this island lol. Ive been to tournys in the city tho.


That’s cool and yea they’re are never any tournies on this island and we should try to go to a tourny sometime


hope you guys can make it up to upstate … would love for some nyc players


I’m from Grasmere. Any of you guys wanna meet up soon?


Exactly where is Grasmere and I’m down for some offline sessions whenever


Grasmere is by the train near Clove. My place isn’t usually good to play. I’m usually available on Mondays before 5.


Just got my copy of SFxT. Heading to my boy’s house tonight. I’ll find out if its cool if people from here can come thru.


Damn where did you get yours




Nice I have to wait till tuesday becasue I have the limited edition reserved at gamestop


who wants to go to big two tonight


Sorry didn’t see this till now. I always get out of work late so I’m never able to make it to big two.


This saturday the gamestop in the south shore commons is holding a sfxt tourny at 2 o’clock I’m def going who else is?