Static Shock damaged my TE. Need help

I had a really bad static shock situtation the other day and now my x360 headset doesn’t work with my SFIV TE anymore. All the buttons and the stick are fine, its just the headphone jack. I’ve double-checked to make sure its not the headset either because it works fine with my 360 pads.

Is there any place to get replacement parts for this? Or should I just get a SE stick and swap out the parts? I really want to fix it because its one of the Femme Fatale LE’s. Thanks in advance.

Just to make sure it really isn’t the headset, can you try plugging another one into the TE? Any 2.5mm jack will work fine like the ones for cellphones.

Yeah, definitely not the headset. I tried it on two pads and it worked fine. Thanks though.

Virgil’s such a douche, ruining your stick.

Anyway, have you tried giving it a day or two break?

Crap, I should have said “plug”, not “jack”. Anyway, yeah I meant getting another headset and plugging that into your TE. I ask this because my old 360 headset worked whenever it wanted and on whatever device it wanted.