Statistically speaking, which service is the most popular?

I’ve been playing fighters online for years, but have only ever used kaillera. It used to be flooded with good players, but it doesn’t seem to be as popular anymore. I’ve researched/read through tons of threads, and it seems that 2DF or GGPO have stolen kaillera’s spotlight.

I want to get back into PC online play, and was wondering… which service is the most popular?? I’m not asking for which service is necessarily the “best”, but just which one has the highest number of players using it regularly. Can somebody enlighten me?

It really depends on the game and online play that your looking for.

Quality go with GGPO, quantity you want 2df.

i tried GGPO out the other day, it was good. Only managed to find 1 other UK player though…the connection seemed good and there were ALOT of players from other parts of the world.

Ever time I get on GGPO doesn’t seem to be vary many people on …

Depends on what games you play, But I prefer GGPO.