Statistics 101: NSJ gets into the basics

Statistics 101: NSJ goes back to the basics at Mtsac…

First off, I would like to congradulate everyone for a job well done at Evo. Even though we didnt have anyone make it to the final 8 of there respected game, I think we did good over-all as a team. Just think about it, NSJ took out so many players in Marvel, and a good amount in GGXX, and 3rd Strike for those you entered and qualified in that. So to kick off the new gaming season, I would like to take this moment to name myself NSJ ambassador. If you want to know what I will be doing with that title, just ask me in personK

Anyways, to keep the tradition alive, I will be sharing an NSJ highlight that took place about 1 month ago.
Saturday night after work ( I still had my office depot clothes on too ). I call up Mike and ask him what the plans are for the night, and his reply, David Lee told me to go to James Games, but knowing him, he wont even show. So it is decided, I shall go to James Games with Mike. I call up Ace and invite him to come along. He agrees, and we both drive off into the night on our way to meet up at Mikes (oh yeah, I left work, and Ace left home).
I stop at the supermarket by video 94 to pick up some deodorant, if you were with me before that time, you would know why. While I was there, I decided to get myself some ham and cheese lunchables to munch on before we went to james games. Well, I leave with deodorant in hand, and lunchables in the mouth, and head off to RedHawk drive (edit: I originally had the full addy, but I didnt think that was a good idea). I get there, and tell mike I am waiting for a friend to get there. He says, ohhhhhhh-K. I sit there for 10 minutes trying to get him to move his car up so that I can park directly in front of his front door, but he doesnt agree. After some time, I win and he moves. Well, to cut this short, Ace arrives.
We leave in mikes car with ace in the back, and me in the passenger seat. Its already about 9:30 when we get to Mtsac on Temple Ave. we stop at the signal because there is a cop directing traffic at the signal. We stop at the line (because he directs us too) and I think of an idea. This cop (who happens to be white) was allowing the other cars on the other direction to cross. So I reach over and hive mikes Horn a really long and loud honk . Now the cop stops what he is doing, and looks our way. I am fucking laughing and ace is doing the same think. He just stares at us thinking, what the hell is this black guy, in black car doing honking at me?. I was just busting up because I know nothing is gonna happen to me an ace. If the cop stops us, he will be like, ok, the Mexican and the asian can exit the car and leave. Driver, throw the keys out of the window, exit, and begin de-robing (dont ask me why). LOLOLOL. GGop. This is true shit. Well, that was the beginning of the nights, so Ill post the end of the night later. It only gets better.

Part 2 coming soonK

NSJ ambassador

LOL good shit magnus… i remember u honked the horn twice at two different cops i think lol

Also, I’d like to say again, good job to you guys at evo…

This year I still plan on gaming, on marvel, i want to use mss more, and I want to play cvs2 a lot more… it’s time to vary up my teams in both games as well… i also plan on buying vf4evo for ps2, after watching the finals at evo, it made me want to play it… or at least give it a try

I’m also planning to buy a flip top for my ps2… so i might as well try to play #reload too

wat happened to the analysis of each person? think we need hang for that part.

Heya guys :)…

Ima make this short for now, kinda cleaning up the room and working now.

But here it goes, Thank you so much Def1netly for housing me for the 3rd time :), And tell your parents i said thankyou so much from me and my parents.

Thank you to everyone in NSJ for taking good care of me as always ^_^,

Ill be back soon hopefully and ima make a shoutout post soon to everyone of you :).


Oohh I want to see the matches you got during Evo, DjB.

Magnus - I hope your DC works fine now.

Alex, lock yr cell… i got like 4 more calls from u after I told u about it…

Djb - glad to hear yr back safely… when is the storm vid coming out? that’s gonna be sick haha

yo, anybody still have that stick figure slide show that josh made of every single member of nsj?

kaising: that thing is old. i doubt anyone saved it into their computer. i sure didnt. most of the members back then arent even nsj now. and we didnt have jon and hung in yet.

who wants to take jogging class with me in cal poly? come on… you guys know you’re down.

Magnus took a walking class at SAC where he was the only person below the age of 40.

I swear, im never ridin in the car with magnus again. Honkin horn bastard motherfucker.

EDIT:: magnus, yes you are the NSJ ambassador.

Whatever ace says about in his upcoming posts are complete bullshit.

mike, i want my kfc delivered via usps, priority mail… :smiley:

extra cripsy!

mike, i want the kfc hot wings in a bucket. thanks


hey mike since everyone is getting kfc you think i can get a bucker of honey glazed wings? they dont have a bucket but make it a special order for me. delivery or ups or usps or any other method is good. just make sure that i get it. thanks mike.

hey josh i took the jogging class last quarter and its good i liked it. but dont really expect to walk much becuase you have a certain amount of time to finish the course… its easy at the begging only about 1.2 miles… but once you get close to the end of the quarter its around 3 to 4 miles…but its a good class.

aight, well, i don’t feel like telling part 2 of the story, but ace basically sumed it up :). shit was too good.

pinks Friday night was hella dope. Deandre and Jon got owned for life. Alex, if you have the footage, please get it online :). i we need it as an av…

does anyone have Photoshop or sometigmn similar. i wanted to edit some pictures i had. i nkow josh may have it, but if anyone is willing to share, i’d be more than happy to accept :slight_smile:

i have a photoshop thing burned on cd… but i think it only works on win98

hows the anime shop going along

Its going really good, thank you for asking Tranceboi:)