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For those that were wondering, and for those who read that note that I left on the forums. The boards went thru a forum reset to an earlier back up due a server migration. What this means is that everything done after February 10th is gone. Now the graphics stuff I can easily bring back, but the posts and those who registered after that date unfortunately cannot be restored.

I will try to restore the forums to how they were before as soon as possible (by Saturday hopefully), and those who have contributed to the boards with their informative posts such as the HNK and Tenka guides and strats will come back hopefully.

I apologize again for this inconvenience as it not only disappoints me, but I’m sure many others as well.

That’s about it, hope you guys understand.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll be back there when it comes up, for sure. Best place for Hokuto no Ken basics/strats that I’ve seen, good stuff for KoF as well. :tup:

I think I have the main Thouther guide saved to a text file somewhere.

The upside is hopefully more people will know about the site as a result of all this. Any publicity is good publicity.

thx for the news. i will check out the site later.


That Enja guide took me a full day (my day off of work) to complete…damnit!

I guess I’ll just have to re-do it when the forums go back up. GO GO GC.Net

Now I understand why I couldn’t access anything… well that terrible news but we’ll have to make it live again !

Kyoji/Superking, I may have not contributed much, but do keep in touch via AIM. I’ll help in whichever way I can.

Prays for the missing posts to return

I feel you, brother.

Nice banner at the top, btw.

…that went well.

Good news…thought the whole site was gone forever or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

When it returns I will definately be rearing my head back again thats for damn sure…

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That means those last two posts I contributed were for nothing!!! DAMNIT!

That means I have 10,004 posts. FUCK!!! I need to start contributing more to the site. But its like, whatever has been said about fighters has already been said.

I think I posted most stuff before then, hopefully it’ll still be there.

The site will be back up later today, and right now I’m debating on whether or not the Melty Blood section comes back, the vote started off with 2 nay and 5 yay before the reset.

DS: No, you have 10,008 posts.

Cygnus: Yeah your Tenka stuff is still there.

Dark Geese: Many of your NBC threads were lost.

We lost about 30+ members because of the reset, so those people will have to reregister again.

thanks a lot kyoji! I just joined GC like around the last day of Feb so I kno I’ll have to reregister, had some juicy kofXI questions too! Posted them here but they seem to pretty much be collecting dust atm so hopefully GC will become the site that will handle all our SNKP/Sammy/non-capom Tougeki related gaming needs from now on! Well good luck with the site’s return! :tup:

No big deal…I can always put back the NGBC threads…they werent too many…=)

Damn, that Mature banner is HOT !