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stay away from

if you get something and try to return it, not only do they charge a restocking fee, you just wont hear from them again, ive called and left a message send plenty of emails, nothing.

i mailed my item back and money gone. i left a bad review on, all you get is there answering machine, ive copied pasted my receipt to there email address which is, nothing. its been a month now.


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1 item - delivery estimate: March 31, 2009 - April 3, 2009

Order Placed: March 25, 2009 order number: 103-7076761-5264256
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Delivery estimate:March 31, 2009 - April 3, 2009
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1 of: Universal PS2 to PS3 Controller Adaptor [Accessory]
Condition: New
Sold by: Vista Gaming Products, Inc. (seller profile)

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Vista Gaming Products, Inc. 1 out of 5 "they are ignoring me, i want a refund, i have sent my item back, every time i called, it goes to an answering machine, they are not busy in these economic times, i believe this isnt even really a real company perhaps a scam, i will not buy anything from them again, if you do purchase something from VISTA GAMING PRODUCTS make sure you do so assuming you are not going to refund their product. " April 24, 2009 Remove
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Item(s) Subtotal: $12.33
Shipping & Handling: $6.64

Total Before Tax: $18.97
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Grand Total: $18.97
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