Stay free or step up tournament @ TFNS in Toronto Canada RESULTS

SSF4 Teams:

1: Team STC (Eric Hai JS Master Mr. Trite)
2: Team 420/12 (Dice01 Davero Sabin)
3: Team Secret Sauga (Rebelo Chaos2D Buddah)
4: Team Fashionably Late
5: Team RAS
5: Team HQ
7: Team Meat Reductionist
7: Team OGSGawdlike
9: Team Fatal Bitter Rivals
9: Team Italy
9: Team Tire Fun
9: Team Secret Sauga 2
13: Team Riglys
13: Team Tier Whores
13: Team Green Screen
13: Team Brettcave
17: Team Shoto

SSF4 Singles:

1: Eric Hai (Ryu, Cammy)
2: Snafoo (Dhalsim)
3: JS Master (Balrog Feilong Cammy)
4: Heero (Akuma)
5: Arturo (Rose Dhalsim Seth)
5: Blitzman (C.Viper)
7: Aerials (Adon C.Viper)
7: Mr. Trite (Akuma)
9: Trini
9: LedHendrix
9: Rebelo
9: Loofus
13: CHaos2d
13: Jungler
13: DarkDragon
13: BuddahForce
17: NickCam
17: KillaCam
17: Harmoni
17: CornWallis
17: WatchTower
17: Swissbeatss
17: rb_999
17: DadesiCanadian
25: WorstSim
25: Fadi
25: Spirit
25: Germbread
25: SacoJericho
25: QuanDizzle
25: Kyo45
25: Philip
33: Iinara
33: Tigertilbar
33: Jing
33: DennisKim
33: Sarge
33: BigBiggs
33: Shine
33: PsychoChronic
33: WB!
33: Volva
33: ItalDan
33: RXS
33: Raynex
33: Zerogue
33: ShaShaMan
33: Duck
49: Towel
49: MassiveNu
49: KCh1nn
49: Emlarr
49: Valeran
49: MaiK4Life
49: Gohan
49: Emperical
49: Jon
49: Drekken
49: Gary
49: Austin
49: Ironstein
49: DarkDeath
49: BlueBlazer
49: qkn
65: TheDon
65: Vdub
65: Ultorskoss
65: Sinnr
65: S blade

Cool…This was a lot of fun…Thanks everyone

buffalo left early and we def didnt expect the tourny to end like that, wow

ggs to everyone. Shoutout to MTL and team spooky for coming out =D

wtf, i wasnt even there for singles. i think its suppose to be big greek

Thanks spooky for the gdlk stream. Props to ehai for winning.

Eric fucken HAI!!!

Good shit again for winning ur first major tournament! We have now entered the ehai era! You also proved once again STC is the finest SF team in Canada! :woot:

Big thanks to team spooky for coming up… sorry the crowd in T.O is worse than Calgary, but all the dedicated players really enjoyed the tournament/stream/competition.

MTL: nice seeing everyone again, i’m gonna have to get revenge on snafoo very soon…

PS. Heero is the best akuma in Canada.

Great tourny guys. Mtl people were very cool and nice. Hope to see u guys at nemesis.

big thanks to everyone who came out to support the scene , Spooky , Art and the Buffalo guys , Montreal as always great to see you guys.

Congrat Eric Hai very well deserve win

Couldn’t make the entire weekend, but friday night was mad fun – shoutouts to Quan and Darkdragon.

Congrats to ehai. Smartest player in the Megatron, for free. Glad you got the monkey off your back.

And last but not least, shoutouts to Spooky for coming up north and doing his thing.

Stream was hella fun to watch, the green Screen was too godlike. Good Shit to Spooky doing this for basically nothing, truly the hardest working man in the biznaz, can’t wait for you to come to mtl!

Good shit to Ehai, your cammy is ridiculous though i was obviously hoping Snaffo destroyed you :stuck_out_tongue:

Richard youre still my ultra pal hero! Good shit on your performance.

Veasna…quel top player… i wont doubt you anymore… well i probably still will but i have more respect for you now… somehwat. Good Shit on beating Art! I hope you drank a lot while there.

Finally the curse is over.

The curse of the JS Master win streak that is…

buffalo had a good time, hopefully we will be able to come up more often with more players

Buffalo should hit up MTL Nemesis 2 tourney January 8th

Also watched the stream and it was mad hype !! good shit everyone sorry I couldnt make it because of work project.

plz tell me there is some available footage of those highlights, such as Heero vs Sabin, Snafoo vs JS Master and last but not least EHai vs Snafoo take 2

yes its all here the whole event on friday teams and sat singles

teamsp00ky on

Someone look through all the footage and highlight the good parts!

Team Playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Singles Playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

wow thx for playlists