"Stay Free or Step Up" Tourney Dec.17 -18 @ TFNS TEAM SPOOKY STREAM ! $500 Pot Bonus

What: SSF4 Tourney Teams and Singles, BlazeBlue Singles and Tekken

When: December 17 and 18 2010

Where: TFNS Toronto, 1444 Duopont St Unit 15 Building B
Toronto On M6P 4H3

ANNOUNCEMENT: TFNS will be adding a $500 pot bonus for SSF4 Singles :amazed:


**FEES: $10 for the venue and $10 for whatever game you entering
Doors open @ 5pm
6:00pm registration Starts
7:00pm SSF4 Teams starts


12:00 pm Doors open
1:00 pm Registration
3:00 SSF4 Singles Start (XboX 360)
3:00 Tekken Singles (ps3)

BlazeBlue Schedule:
3:00 pm blazblue cs 3v3 teams, dlc console chars allowed, ps3
4:00 pm mbaa singles side tourney, archtype earth banned, ps2
4:00 pm ggac singles side tourney, ps2
All Games played are double elimination
Teams: 3v3 1 Round pokemon Style
Loosers, Winners and Grand Finals will be 2/3

ALL Singles: Double Elimination
2/3 rounds
3/5 for Winners finals and Grand Finals NOT LOOSERS

Casual Stations will also be available please pm or msg me if you want side games added.

Is this tournament Canadian players exclusive?

No its open to whomever

Screw this I’m not going if KillaCam is allowed to go. Jersey punk.

Scott confirmed for next season of Jersey Shore. DJ Scotty D or The Pad Situation are in the running for possible nicknames.

Awesome. I’ll be sure to book this off work!

So you are either alive and free or dead and free. Either way you just called everyone who would go to this free. Fuck you, Dice. You cut so goddamn deep.

No entrance fee?

I’ll let Dice know.

Ill update it as soon as i confirm a couple of things.

hehe…heh…you don’t even have to try heheh

Excellent, I’ll be there.

OK Count Tekken In if that’s alright.
It will be our End of 2010 Tournament.


I’m still super cheesed the title of this donkament has not changed yet.

I refuse to go if the name stays the same.

I guarantee the title sounded better in his head than after this was posted.

Stay free and stay home princess that is all.

Russel: Ok sounds good, can you give me the schedule for tekken then and tournament fee.

Dice: Schedule is the same as yours. I’m sure we will start at 3p as well. $10 per entry fee.


The point is that your title doesn’t make any sense. It is basically saying “Suck at the game, or die trying to suck at the game.”, not “Suck at the game, or die trying to get better.”

Ok Thanks updating now

STFU and stay free

I think the title may just be too deep for you guys…