"Stay Free or Step Up" Tourney Dec.17 -18 @ TFNS TEAM SPOOKY STREAM ! $500 Pot Bonus

This is basically what the title of your tournament means.

EDIT: Oh shit, you changed it!! New name is actually p.good.

hey dice, would tfns be able to provide any crt tv’s for running games on ps2?

As long as GGAC gets one of them I have no problem lol

Did the name of this tournament change?

Did the name of this tournament change?

Sweet definitely will be there.

alright dice, we’re gonna run blazblue… not sure if it’s teams or singles yet… but we prolly gonna run ggac singles or mbaa singles… gotta work out the details…

but a few blazblue montreal guys might be coming down:woot:

A good name also could have been “Stay Free or Try Hard”

Sweet Ok just post here as soon as you get the info down

no …

As a fellow scene leader, i fully support the event name

I was gonna show up until the name of the event was changed. Can’t believe people are catching feelings over thread titles.

Stay free.

Stay Free or Try your best, we don’t judge :slight_smile:

unless you do THawk combos

Plans for me to get out there are in the works.

wut lol.

You heard it Team Spooky Will be in the building ! Also Note that We are going to change the format aswell Team Tourney on Friday and Singles on Saturday ! First post to be updated within the next 24 hours with Details.

Haha that’s two votes.

Shouldn’t it be “Step Up Or Stay Free”

Suggesting that not stepping up leads to being free.

Also rolls of the tongue easier IMO

First post updated

What was the old name??? Must have been a funny one :smiley:

EDIT: oh wait it was
Stay Free or Die Trying

should have kept that one