Stay Free Valentines! Arcade UFO results! :D

Alright guys, here are the results for the Arcade UFO tournament!!

  • Super Street Fighter 4 AE *
    1st - Team White Guys / Sinister X
    2nd - Adeel / Jan
    3rd - JDR / Viet

  • King of Fighters 13 *
    Tournament was canceled due to lack of entries :frowning:

  • Tekken 6 *
    1st/2nd/3rd - JTM, Makoto Alex, 13
    Pot was split between the 3.

  • Arcana Heart 3 *
    1st - PozerWolf
    2nd - Fubarduck
    3rd - Jordan

  • Gundam vs Gundam Next *
    1st - Hoang / Jeremy
    2nd - George / Mas
    3rd - Jeff / Al

Congrats to 1st place for winning SF AE who don’t even live close to Arcades. Rudy and Arther are just that beast.
The side tournament for Arcana picked up a lot more people than expected, for sure next time around Arcana will have an official tournament.

Hope everyone enjoyed the event, see ya’ next time!! :smiley:

Arcade UFO - Austin, Texas!


Did Yun and Yang dominate? I couldn’t watch much of the stream due to a crappy connection.

There weren’t any Yun or Yang players in the Top 3 teams.

anyone in austin having plans to partake in any kind of midnight release tourny for MvC3? Gamestop, Bestbuy, Walmart, anywhere?

Was wondering if there was going to be one going on somewhere.