Dorm is absolutely amazing in this game. Between his spells, damage, supers and mobility, we have everything we need to take it straight to top tier.

Voice is a bit shit though.

MvCi Dormammu Stuff:

Some dorm videos. Pretty cool stuff in there.

Wasn’t sure if this belonged in the Thanos or Dormammu thread but seeing as Dorm makes the whole thing possible I’d say this is a good place. When you level 3 with a character in this game it freezes the entire world around it. You can manipulate this effect to do some interesting things.

Wow that tech suits me. I’m running the exact same team.

Easy, huge damage combos. Love it.

What are we using for bnbs? Fierce fly fierce combo seems to be the most popular but it doesn’t build any spells.


The playist I posted has a combo which allows you to build spells in it. As for the bnb I think it depends on if you’re going to tag or not in the combo.

Hey guys, just go the game. Can we get some combo anotations? or maybe somewhere I can find some combos with buttons listed to start off? character is a bit complicated and havent played since mvc2 magneto :confused:

ty in advance

Dead thread? Where’s the discussion, combos, etc?

I can try to help you out with some things. I don’t believe that there’s a for sure bnb for dorm.

3 charge spells

St. HP xx lk dark hole st. LP st. HP xx lp datk st. LP st. HK xx lp dp SJ j.lp j.lp j.hp qcb hk qcb kk

St. LP st. LK xx lk dp xx qcb kk lk do lk dp dd hk j.HKxxqcb hk qcb lk x 3 qcb hk qcb lk lk dark hole xx qcf pp

Flight combo
Starter j.fhk xx qcbkk j.fhk (adf j.fhk aduf x6)

With the dark hole and pillar combos you can change it to whatever spells you need. For the fly combo the j.fhk can be j.hp you can also omit the if you’ve gotten the hang of it. I’ve seen a couple of starters for the fly combos so it’s up to you how you want to statt it. Same for enders. My guess is that it depends on your resources and what you want to do with them (charges meter etc). I hope I didn’t mess up the notations. I think I got everything correct.

There is the 3-holes rape combo.

sLP sLK sHP darkhole cLP cLK cHP SJ jLK jHP darkhole jLP jHP dash jLP jHP flight jLP JfHP xxx (stairs combo not for too long tho). jHK jdown down LK (theground tp) darkhole into super.
Stalking flare is hard as fuck to link, but if you manage it, you can either skip the first dark hole (to me it’s the hardest one to combo after timing change depending on char). as you can charge during the flare (and then tp up for a JHK ender and pretty much thorn the opponent while he is down).

does decent damage gives you your charges for some reset/setup what have you.

It worked for me in training mode but i cant get it down to muscle memory yet. I might cut out the stairs part for some easy dash jfHP jHP tp. with the way scaling work the damage is pretty much the same…missing out on good meter gain tho :/.

also, i fumbled a bit with bLK+HK into dark hole but it’s weird as fuck, sometime the cancel into dark hole works like a charm and i get the two charges. and sometimes well the game is telling me to go fuck myself. Maybe i need to work on buffering the input or some shit.

I just started playing this game and I wanna main C.Marvel and Dorm.

I learned the CM flyloop combos but I have no idea which combos I should use with Dorm and how to tag with CM.

any tips and combos u can advise?

I need a beginners guide to Dorm as I have no idea what I’m doing.

There’s some combo videos I posted which you can watch and try to pick up on. Choose your dorm combos based on the situation. Also you can tag from CM combis before her hit grab which gives you free spells.

There’s no beginner’s guide so you’re going to have to learn the hard way.

Easiest 3 charges setup bnb is ground serie into jLK jHP fly loop TP(LK) dark hole into stalking flare (charge up spells during flare). but you get 0 oki from it.

As you can see on most stream, dorm open people up by tridashing or by tagging during thorns. You can spamm tp with ease also to mix things up during a beam super.

Then there are the dante/ultron setups (and in some way captain marvel) where you basically tag dorm in right before a grab-like move connect during a combo so you get 3 charges + nasty wake up setup.

Playing jedah dorm.

Jedahs otg into ball allows for easy 6 charges.

Jedah bnb ending in (i prefer dash,, st.hp xx qcf. Lk, forward lp, st. Hp xx qcf. Hk, late jump hp, dash j.hp, land, jump lp, hp, hk) dash j.hp, xx qcb lp + tag dorm, 3 blue charges, st.hp, launch, sj. Hp, sj. Hk xx qcb hp or hk, build another 2 charges, black hole, late cancel right as he builds 3 charges into chaotic flame. If you could go into flare you could make it 9 charges.

You can forego the 2 charges and blackhole+charge. Just do 3 charges and then blackhole + tag or 3 charges flare and tag etc.

Not the greatest oki. I would jump black hole and tag. Dorm will teleport down automatically and do thorns and jedah can go nuts.

Starting with dorm you can just tag into jedah for a second launch combo into the same setup iirc.

Damn this is awesome. Does this only apply for lvl3’s? Or can certain lvl1’s utilize this too?

So I nee help. I am trying to do double rose garden combo and I cannot seem to get the second portion to connect. What am I doing wrong?

After the 2nd charge try a dark hole.

Dorms instant air dash is pretty good

Do you guys think strange dorm could be a good team or no?