Stay of Execution


Frank here again,

I’ve been practicing on my TE stick for a couple of weeks now (never even owned a stick before now!) and after what seemed like an eternity of not being able to perform specials consistently I’m finally starting to notice improvements; beating some of my pad using mates. I play Ryu and since my only reliable Ultra set ups at present are lp.srk -> Ultra and ex Tatsu -> Ultra in the corner I’ve been trying to perform the elusive SRK -> FADC -> Ultra combo - which I actually did successfully today for the first time ever:woot:. I’ve been using the shory shortcut of :df::d::df::p: but before I go on to eventually master the combo I’m wondering if it’s best practice as a stick noobie to get in the habit of using the shortcut. At this early stage for me I dont have the discipline to switch between both methods on the fly so I wanna know from the jump whether combos in SF4 are going to be more difficult without the shortcuts or whether it’s worth learning full inputs since I’m guessing they dont work with games such as MvC2?! Admittedly the full shory input with a stick doesn’t feel as intuitive as the above shortcut but that’s when I go for the zig-zag motion. If I click forward, let the stick spring back to neutral and then quickly roll it down and then to down-forward and hit punch this feels a little better.

Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Don’t use shortcuts, you have to learn one way or the other so you might as well make it the right one.


Personally if you want to stay active in more than just SF4/SSF4. I would learn the correct method, cause as you said in MvC2 or any game other fighting game the shortcut won’t work. Also future iterations of SF4 might not have the shortcuts and that would suck starting from square one again after the pad to stick conversion.


Good points fellas, I know what I need to do. Just out of curiosity do either of you do the zig-zag motion on a square-gate stick, or something similar to my OP?



I don’t know what you mean by zig zag, but I go for forward, down, down forward and hold the stick and not let it go to neutral.
Also just a few tips about the stick and gates, you don’t have a to(nor do i recommend) riding the gate to get inputs

you want to hit these little red clickers(you can hear them click)


When discussing shotcuts, my general rule is that I don’t use them if they make a move easier that can already be done the default way. If there is a right way to do the move I try to learn it that way. That being said, if a shortcut helps me increase my input time, or can alter the move for a tactical advantage, go for it.

An example of this is Akuma’s raging demon. Normal 5-input is LP, LP, Back, LK, HP. You can create less inputs by simply going LP, LP and Back/LK/HP at the same time for a 3-input demon.


I would say to definitely practice it properly, but be aware of when the shortcut can help you.

EX: You are ryu and you crouch under Ken’s tatsu kick…you can SRK him as he passes over you by using the shortcut without having to stand (as you would if you used the traditional input).

That is one of the only functional examples of where the shortcut would be proper to use.


Just wondering what you execution rate is individually for an SRK and the ultra for Ryu on stick? Because If they are both pretty good SRK FADC ULTRA is just a matter of practicing SRK -> FADC which shouldn’t take that long to get up too 100% at all, probably less than an hour.


i’m almost 100% positive you can still do the original method and not get hit by the tatsu, you just have to do it really fast. It works in ST because ken does tatsu and ryu can duck SRK right underneath it and strider from mvc2 also has the same trick vs cable and he doesn’t get hit by the bullets.

if they take the shortcut away from you in the 3rd version, what will you do? learn the real input so you can play other SF games.


I’m gonna up my drills back to 100-a-side with the full input since I had the shortcut down pact but now I second guess the jump in and just block!


I’ve got it to 100% (the SRK and Ultra that is). But since getting the SRK down via the shortcut I’m deliberately gonna deprogram myself so that I can relearn it with the full input. That’s gonna set me back now after reaching a milestone with SRK -> FADC -> Ultra combo!


Do you just keep going until you get to 100 total?
When i show people how to do specials i usually start with a smaller number and have them practice until they can hit that number with no mistakes. 10 SRKs in a row, if you get to 8 and a jab comes out by accident the count goes back to zero. once they can do that up it to 20 , 30 etc.


I keep going until 100 and note how many whiffs were made at the end. I guess a better system would be to restart at each mistake but to be honest this only happens when I get impatient and try to do them in too fast a succession. I think I might try your system for relearning the srk though. Cant believe I managed to perfom a SRK -> FADC -> Ultra today, but since trying it out with the full srk input the whole thing feels alien again! Back to the drawing board…


When I first started playing FGs I played GG on a pad, and DP motions didn’t make sense to me. I was like, why the fuck does the command list show a Z? That doesn’t even make sense. Even when I played Tekken and Soul Calibur in arcades back in like middle school I didn’t quite get it. I just thought of it as F-D-D/F. It took me all the way until SF4 to realize what the Z meant.

tl;dr Yes, I use the zig-zag motion (I assume the Z is what you mean by zig-zag).


Yes, that’s what I meant by zig-zag. So what you’re saying is you push the stick forward and then pull it straight to the down position and hit forward again - as oppose to my OP where I hit forward, let the stick click back to neutral then roll down and to the down forward position!?



Yeah pretty much.


How many whiffs do you usually get?

My suggestion would be to try it. If you really don’t mess up it won’t be an problem. But practicing this way doesn’t work toward lowering the number of mistake you are used to/ find acceptable its focuses on getting rid of them. There is a clear success based goal so the person doing it can’t trick themself into thinking they did better than they actually did.
Going until 100 trains you to keep going, but doing it X times in a row trains you to get to a point where you don’t expect mistakes and don’t second geuss yourself, because even in your own head you know it should come out every time you want it to based on previous experience.


Sounds as though you have experience training noobs like me to use fightsticks! I cant wait to hit up the training room again.


The shortcut is good because you stay crouching.
I use the full motion anyways cause I’m just used to it at this point though…
It’s really up to which way feels more comfortable I guess.


i think it depends on if you intend to only play new SF games or not. if you know you only want to play sf4 or ssf4, then use your shortcuts. its doubtful that they ever will go back to a game without shortcuts for future capcom fighters