Stay on Track! Character Theme Discussions


Thought it would be a good idea to have a central area for all the people that wanna talk about the character themes.:rock:

Would you change any? How? Why?

Which is your fav?

Main site with all currently revealed character’s themes.


You can kinda hear the beginning of Deadpool’s theme in the first Comic con gameplay trailer, near the end. You can hear the vocals say something like “do the walk, do the talk…” but gets cut off by the victory theme.


Music sounds really good so far, can’t wait for some direct uploads of the songs.:tup:

From wait we’ve seen and heard so far…

From the first Comic-con New Characters reveal:

  • Doctor Doom returns with his “Doctor Doom Stage” theme from Marvel Super Heroes
  • Chun-Li is also sporting an up-tempo version of her SFII theme, “Chun-Li Stage (China)”
  • Super Skrull has an original theme
  • Trish is undoubtable using a song from DMC, but since I haven’t played any game in the series, I don’t know what it is…:sweat:

From the second Comic-con New Characters reveals:

  • Thor has an original theme. Kinda mystic-sounding
  • Amaterasu has a techno-ish arrangement of “The Sun Rises”, the final boss theme from Okami.

From the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Comic-con Panel (fast forward to the last 5 minutes):
Comic-Con 2010 Uncut - Page 3 - Features at GameSpot

  • Iron Man has his “Iron Man Stage” theme from Marvel Super Heroes
  • Captain America is also has his “Captain America Stage” from MSH, with orchestra hits playing the melody.
  • Ryu returns with his classic “Ryu Stage (Japan)” theme from SFII.

From the Comic-con Gameplay 2 video:
-Deadpool’s theme can be heard at the end.

So far, I’m liking Super Skrull’s theme the best. Kinda off-beat and spacey - fits the character well. Ammy’s is pretty good, too.


Always brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear Cap’s theme (the MSHvSF being the best version IMO) and I really like Thor’s theme.


My name is Saitsuofleaves and I approve this message.


Yes, Thor’s is awesome.

I wonder which one Hulk will get? A remix of his MSH them or his MVC 1 theme?


I’m partial to his MVC1 theme, had it as my ringtone acouple of times already, haha…but I’m guessing they’ll go for his MSH theme.


They better play them as they switch, that’s always cool.


It changes when a character dies.


dr. dooms theme is back, thats all that matters.


Btw, it seems Iron Man is using War Machines theme from MvC1.

Look: [media=youtube]IBd3Y8298rU[/media]


Cool stuff, I just hope they don’t use rap and/or boybands in any way shape or form.

Oh yeah and I want a rock remix of Captain America’s theme.


If Venom is in(which he better be!) he should get the Seperation Anxiety theme. [media=youtube]BJjFSmv4wPk[/media]


…YES. My favorite theme. I like how it has the opening of the MSH Iron Man theme in the background.


What the hell’s wrong with rap?


IF they give somebody bad ass like Bishop a dope ass Blues theme like from the X-men Cartoon I’d be happy.


Is it me or is DeadPool’s theme a little close to Dante’s?


Seth confused the two at the EVO exhibition, now they have similar music…


i want china vox to be chuns theme again


I love Dante’s theme, but DMC3 is one of the best hack n’ slashers ever.