Stay the Path

Just thought i’d share sumthin i found: Road To T6 3rd Stage

Enjoy :karate:

You might want to use a DL manager though, as it is quite a big file =) (@ 138mb / ~46 mins worth of good stuff)

I can’t play the bitch. :frowning: Whassup with that?

I used GSpot and apparently I have the codecs required… Sucks. I’m dying to see this.

uhm… dunno man :s ya sure ya have tha divx codec? Cuz it plays just fine on my machine :s

am gonna try ta post some more links to other stuff ive found, as soon as i can remmember where i gotz them from :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, found another one. This is a must see! :clap:
Killer Necro

Necro Takes out 3 Players in style! :tup:

I love AB7’s necro. :clap:

lol, yeah. Nec kicks everybody’s teeth in :smiley: plus that Dizzy juggle in the corner with makoto :s hurts me, just watchin it :s

there were errors when i dled the vid, u need divfix to strip the index and rewrite it, i say the necro vid is lot better to watch, total pwnage