Staying Away From the God 4 - Anyone else considered this?

I was just thinking. I mean, yeah in tournaments and in a lot of arcades I see the same teams used again and again and frankly, I’m tired of the lack of diversity. Why not try to learn some other, hardly used character instead of always wanting to win? I bet a good gambit could give Cable a run for his money if used right. Maybe people like Akuma or Roll are being shunned from the light…

It just seems like everyone is so hell-bent on winning that they won’t take the time to have fun. As of this moment, I’m going to drop Cable and possibly Captain Commando from my team. Definetely Cable, but I’m not sure about Capcom. I may just have to delve into the mid tiers for a little bit, see how they play.


And possibly others that I can’t think of right now, are good teams that consist of non god characters. But basically take away Storm/Sent and Magz/Cable, and then Strider/Cyke/Ironman/Doom would take their place.

Or people would play a low tier with some godly assist like Tron or Cykes.

I suck at the game, but that’s what I’ve learned after 3 years of playing and downloading countless match vids.

And 2 weeks ago someone beat my Spiral/Cable/Cyke team with a Megaman/Iceman/Ruby team. And my arcade is anything but Evo :sad:

That’s where I would have to disagree. I really enjoy playing with Magneto, Cable, and Sentinel. I don’t use them because I have a better chance to win, but because they are so fucking fun to use. I play what characters I want because that’s what I enjoy playing. For instance, I don’t play a lot of teams with Storm because I honestly don’t enjoy playing with her. Play with who YOU enjoy playing with. If you have fun in Marvel by playing with a low tier team or playing with MSP then good for you. If you have fun in Marvel by trying to win by whatever means necessary then good for you too. Honestly I believe it’s a combonation of both of these for everyone. People like to play their favorite characters AND they like to win while doing it. Play the game on your own terms and don’t worry about other people.

Well put. I guess if you have fun with those characters it’s alright. I know that one of my friends loved to play with certain characters, but was only having fun when he one. That meant that he needed to play the god 4 to have fun. He hates the characters, but it’s the winning.

I have been staying away from the godly four for about 3 years now.

I wish more people thought like this. I think the god tier of marvel is the reason why the game is fun.

I guess you guys haven’t seen my thread for NB4 Marvel league in Fighting Game Discussion here:

check it out and put your vote/responses, hopefully I can get something started now that EVO’s over with. :tup:

I agree and disagree. Yes, I feel that there is a lack of diversity in Marvel. But very few characters outside of the top tier (not just the top 4) are fun to use. They are usually slow, have strange hit boxes for moves, have lame assists, and so on. Of course with some practice, you can overcome this and probably do some nice combos. But it’s probably not practical in high-level play.

Let me also add that I can never get used to playing as Storm or Sentintel.

…I believe being able to own everyone with top tier characters is a great feelin’, especially if people are so determined to beat you (with the same team or an even cheesier team). You gotta be in that zone to actually understand why people use the same team over and over again. It took me a while to figure it out…even today i still dont use top tier teams, well not really. Im playin sent, storm and jin…or ironman, cyclops and sent. stupid shit like that.

In order to beat a monster you gotta become one yourself…use top tier as much as you can, then merge off with your own team…its not that serious, jus a game :slight_smile:

oh yeah, i disagree wit you. :tdown:

Everybody plays for fun a little, at least before they start getting some skills and want to compete.

I love playing good players and their top-tier teams or even against against their scrub teams. It is difficult to get any oohs and ahhs if you only do stuff with top tiers, but if you pull off some shit with the low tiers it is more gratifying for just a split second making some noob who is watching think that more might be possible. Dam I am so poetic.

My favorite is BB Hood-P/ Guile-AA/ Tron

I still believe guile can win at the top level, but if I have to do it then it might be five more years.

nah guile is hardcore…hes a sentinel killa, so if he can beat a top tier character like him you dont need five more years (but im pretty sure his skills is posted on a forum on here somewhere).
If you play Mike Z you’ll see a true low tier player (i played his Juggernaut/felicia/doom team…no joke). Just need to find what hurts in training mode…

S/D, Spiral, and Rogue teams are the main top tier “rebel teams” in mvc2 today IMO.

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hmmm, has anyone tried SilSam(proj)/Storm(proj)/Doom(AA)… the chip that you cna do with silsam/doom is incredible… a simple blockstring with silsam doom on pt takes away almost 1/3 life! +doom lp shuriken XX shuriken super. Maybe i’m not just in the know, but i think silsam doom can actually be a ghetto s/d if played properly… Also, ramiekken dhc to hail’s always sweet . :slight_smile:

Honestly I play Rogue as my point cause she’s the character I feel most comfortable with in the game, not cause she’s low tier and I’m trying to make a statement or tired of the top tier.

I do have to say that as repetive as seeing them in tournies may be, the top tier characters are really fun as hell. I barely started learning Mag for the hell of it a few months ago and his mixups and resets are fun fun fun. I mean you can’t really compare that kind of thing to Gabmit (who I do like to play sometimes) or Ryu or someone like that cause they’re options are so limited. If someone digs playing with them though then go for it.