Staying Calm


Whenever I’m losing a match in a tournament, the only advice I get is to stay calm or just calm down. I understand this is good advice, but I don’t even notice myself getting worked up when I’m playing. Looking back at match videos, I can tell I start going for dumb throws, making bad assist calls, and just making bad choices when I’m under pressure. But again, I don’t feel nervous or uncalm, it’s just my play that shows that.

So what do you guys do to keep cool in the middle of a match? Does listening to music really help? Or is it just a discipline thing?


Experience and practice helps calm your nerves. If you’re experiencing a bad situation, it’s natural to tend to start playing scared or getting desperate. But if you’ve been in that bad situation hundreds of times during practice or casuals, then you’re less likely to freak out, and you’ll have a better of idea of what you need to do, or what you need to look for.

Listening to music doesn’t help since that just distracts me. But I know it’s helped other people. It helps to just have an inner dialogue with yourself and just mentally talk to yourself to try and calm down and come up with a game plan. It’s not the easiest thing to pull off during a match, but it can often trick you into stop focusing SOLELY on the fact that you’re in a bad position.


Chewing gum could help


Only thing that can help is more high-pressure situations and trying to devalue the game in your head. If you play better when you’re relaxed, try to convince yourself that the game isn’t a big deal (it really isn’t anyway, it’s a goddamn video game). Some people play better when they’re stoned for the same reason: they get focused on the here and now and not anything else.

Basically trying to have fun and having confidence will make you play better, unless you start playing sloppy.

Money matches can help.


Just wanna say, this is the one trick that has really helped recently. If I’m chewing gum my nerves are completely still. Thanks for this.

Devaluing has also helped as well as just playing more.


Lol, i actually never tried it but there are evidence that prove it anyways. I’ve seen Moons chew gum so I thought it’d work