staying sharp

alright so I play super sf4 online everyday with some of my sparring friends and before i go to do that i hit up training room for a bit. now most of my experience is coming from my online battles with my friends (well actually ill say 50% of it lol) but anyway i wont be able to play with them cuz my internet will be gone for quite awhile 1-3 months i dont even know when ill get it back. now the big problem is there is no super sf4 scene out where i live everyones into codmw2 and fps. and with no internet=no sparring wit good people so what i want to know is will training mode cover what i need to stay sharp until i get my internet back? like hardest difficulty cpus good enough to cover sparring? i think im good on combos/links though cuz i hit up the forums for the characters ill be interested in learning and copied and paste to my notebook. what do u guys think.

There is no substitute for fighting against a real person. None. Sorry. There is no way to not get out of practice if you can’t play other people.

You can learn a new character, some new combos, read forums and guides, watch videos, ect, in order to limit the amount of skill loss you’ll recieve, but unfortunetly there is no replacement for a real living opponent.