Staying signed in problem

After the site went through it’s last ‘maintenance’ the other day, I’m having a problem staying signed in when browsing.

I sign in, then go to a thread and try and reply, and it says ‘you have to be signed in to do this’. I am using the latest Firefox and haven’t tried any other browsers yet. It’s like my session is ending every time I click on a link.

When I do click ‘stay signed in’ box it lets me browse and post without having to sign in every time.

Did you update the Xenforo version? Is anybody else running into this glitch?

Same problem. When I try to post I have to log back in every time.

I’ve been having the same problem.

I just figured that the forum was basically gagging on my account because my posting is so reprehensible, but it’s worrisome to know that this has also been happening to respectable members.

Running into this same glitch as well.

I had to log in 3 more times just to post this message

I don’t understand why this problem continues to exist after all these months

I find it helps if you hit the little ‘Keep me signed in’ box when you sign in, but yeah, I’ve noticed this too.

Well I log in with Facebook and it auto-logs on. But if I’m looking at a page for a long time and want to post I have to reload it for the auto-log on to kick in.

It happens in the latest version of Chrome as well. It’s very frustrating

It occurs at random for me. I clear cache and come back in a few minutes.
Even then, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Browser is IE9.

I have this problem all the time, and not just from SRK. Also on I dunno if it has to do with firefox or what, but after a couple minutes I’m always logged out. I am in the habit of copy+pasting everything I write because often it will vanish when i click post and that is a bitch.

dunno if this is related, but I also couldn’t post on the front page comment threads ever because it always asking me to log in even though I did.

Same here and I checked the option to keep me signed in. Very annoying. Happened on TL for me as well. Issue seems to occur across all browsers.

Yes, it seems keeping the “signed in” box checked will avert the problem for now.

This problem went away for me, but after the down time this weekend its back in full force for whatever thats worth. Very annoying!

I don’t have a problem with it on my phone browser though. Before the maintenance I didn’t have an issue with it on Google Chrome either.

Got the same issue.

Happening to me too, irritating the crap out of me :expressionless: Hopefully a fix is on the way!

add me to this list of frustration. :frowning:

Ok this is starting to get extremely irritating, it’s been happening to me the past few days. -_-

It’s been happening to me too.

this has been happening to me since like last year