STC Level Up Session Details!


When: Sunday, Oct 10th, 1pm-5pm

Where: 68 Corporate Dr. #1039. (Near 401 & McCowan Rd)

Who: Eric Hai and myself will be hosting this event.

Why: To level up newer players of TOSF and build a stronger, more competitive community.

Price: $15@ door per player. This price includes 4 hours of training time with Ehai and myself as well as bottled refreshments. The entrants for our first event will be capped at 6 people. In the future I may or may not raise the cap to 8 ppl and have a longer session. (we have 2 set ups)

Event Schedule:

1-3pm will be casuals where Ehai and myself point out your weaknesses and take notes of how to improve your game while we play.

3-4pm will be training mode session where Ehai will show you guys how to do certain combos, option selects, and other technical things. If you’re not interested in learning that, I will share my experience in theory stuff such as how to read your opponents, and how to overcome stress during tournaments/MMs.

4-5pm will be a mini tournaments amongst yourselves. This will be the last thing in every training session. Players will test their progress by playing each other in a tournament. You guys can decide if you wanna do it for money or not.
Special Announcement**: RXS aka Canadian Stream Master will be sponsoring our first event by bringing his set up and recording equipments. Players can now re-watch their matches and find out where they made mistakes! Many thanks to RXS!
If you’re interested in coming, please sign up under this thread or PM me ASAP as spots are limited!

If you still have no idea what this event is about, please read the original thread:

EDIT: I intend to use this thread for all future updates for our level up sessions… so please check here for any news regarding to our sessions.


Going to sticky this for a week or so to build up interest.


i think he needs to add REFRESHMENTS INCLUDED in the topic of the thread to get MORE HYPE


i think he needs to add REFRESHMENTS INCLUDED in the topic of the thread to get MORE HYPE




wow, I literally work down the block from the venue (Telus, Consilium Place)


Sign me up plz!!! :d


Count me in.

Please let me know if I’m 1 of the 6. I’ll be driving all the way from London and wouldn’t want to drive all the way for nothing.


yea, i’ll sign up. live mad close, anyway.


I’m in if there’s still room.


count me in. hopefully im in the 1-6. i live close also. duno if i can walk from victoria park to McCowan (VP, Warden, Birchmount, Kennedy, Midland, Brimley, McCowan)
but ill still go 100%

edit : 360 right.<<<<


As much as I wanted to troll this again…

I really hope this works out because both Eric’s have helped a lot of people in TOSF, and it’ll be fun to see who can actually step up.

GL to whoever makes it for Sunday.


LOL @ mark and ALLCAPS

personally i think ALLCAPS is too good to go
and we already know JDK is a scrub LOL


For whoever manages to make it out, don’t mess up the couches and cushions cause I spend a lot of time on them.


Everyone above this post is accepted!

**Congratualations to everyone who posted/PMed me in coming to the STC level up session prior to this post; you guys will be STC’s first guests! **

I do have to make an apology to the rest who wanted to come but there’s no more room for this weekend. To ensure the quality of the training, we want to maximize the time of players actually playing the game instead of just watching throughout the session, therefore we want to limit the entrants to 6 ppl this week. However, if the interests of joining our sessions continues, ehai and i will think of ways to spend more time in either creating more sessions per week or have longer sessions each time.

Finally, on behalf of team STC, i would like to thank everyone so far for your dedication and support!

(I’m kinda high right now… so if there’s anything i wrote that doesn’t make too much sense, i’ll edit it tmr)


This sounds cool, and something I could really use since I only have 5 months or so of “serious” sf experience, might look into it.


Good shit on rllying up the pot monsters for me in future pot monster carnivals JS.


i see what you did there with your xbox tag lololol


LOL hey JS maybe you wanna pay samir 15 dollars to learn how to play 3s LOLOLOLOL


i would like to know who will be teaching frame data at this event