[LEFT]STChallenge5 = first to 5, here you can challenge or imput videos of players going on a ft5[/LEFT]

[]Just another way to add competitivity
]Friendly matches for fun or just settle any game beef or troll chat
[]Challenge any player that you think can do a good match
]A player can request char lock or not (both sides have to agree)
[*]A player can ask for tie break = if players tie 4 - 4, in order to win you need a 2 game difference (both sides have to agree)
**Example 1 **: Char = open, Tiebreak = no
Example 2 : Char = lock , Tiebreak = no
Example 3 : Char = lock, Tiebreak = yes
Example 4 : Char = lock, Tiebreak = yes

Thanks!! to Ritual , Kuroppi, Afrolegends , Marsgattai, Mysteriousfighter, Inuyama, Djreign and Damdai

** *** Request a challenge here*****
- Players :
- Char lock/open :
- Tiebreak yes/no :

Example # 1
- Players : Riitual (Balrog/O.Sagat) vs Kuroppi (O.Honda)
- Char lock/open : open
- Tiebreak yes/no : no


Ok, I’m taking all challengers. Just let me know when.

DSP vs -TheBastard- in a FT128 tonite @ 11pm PST

Yep same here, open for any challengers, just after 7pm PST.

I challenge Marsgatti to a FT10. I played him on XBL yesterday and got beasted, now I want my revenge lol. Good games Mars, just when I think I got the Ryu vs Guile matchup down, you come along and rip my strats to shreds. Next time, it won’t be so easy.

But seriously I need some good Guile comp, I gotta figure out some new tactics, and the only way to do it is versus a top player such as yourself.

I’m free anytime Sunday to Wednesday this week, just name your spot, and I’ll be there chucking 'dukens lol.

- Opponent : Marsgatti
- Char lock/open : lock (my N.Ryu vs your N.Guile)
- Tiebreak yes/no: no

FT10 on GGPO or Supercade or XBL (if it’s GGPO/SC I might be able to record)

Marsgatti does not play anymore on ggpo, but u can tell him to logg for a ft action, and for the rest of players they`re afraid of the challenge as i suspected, well dsp and kyouya are up for challenges, just type what day at what time and the conditions and we make that happen.

Example # 2
- Players : Afrolegends (Balrog) vs Marsgattai (Guile)
- Char lock/open : lock
- Tiebreak yes/no : no


Mm, pretty sure that wasn’t a first to anything, just a couple of dudes playing.

This shit is exactly why Mars doesn’t like playing online, soto. You really need to take that shit down.

Soto is the only one stupid enough to keep count on casuals.

Well so far all the 3 vids are not official ft5 , if you look the videos in youtube, you can see on the description the word unofficial, meaning that is only for exhibición, im recording only great players here on this non officials ft5 , ill do a couple more for exhibicion, to me funnny how some players wont play a ft5 out of fear of been exposed (how you can fear a 2d game ), so far Dngr s Papercut , Kyouya and me are up for challenges.
Corrosive : there`s no reason to take down that video, 2 great players playing why would i, i have received good messages from people who like st
Pasky : man i was waiting for you to take a dump in my thread , sup fancy

Example # 3
- Players : Mysteriousfighter (O.Ken) vs Inuyama (O.Ryu)
- Char lock/open : lock
- Tiebreak yes/no : yes


I don’t think you get it, or care about what other players think when you misconstrue their sets under the banner of "First to Five (“Actual First to 5 May Vary”).

Anyway, “Afraid to get exposed online” is something people who don’t want to get taken seriously utter. You get exposed in tournaments, not online casuals. Declared or otherwise. I’m not watching that shit, so whatever the spectators think doesn’t mean shit.

well I’m on ggpo long enough to know that there are people from two different worlds.
as long as we understand this there would be far less arguing here.

soto, kyouya, thebastard, djfrojile - those people love ST just like everyone else. but the only way they could play is via online (and ggpo specifically)
so to them ggpo === ST. some of them also like the drama on ggpo as well. i like to mess with them from time to time too (only to those I’m friend with)

I know that some people on the other hand hated online (like corrosive, marsgatti, ultracombo) either because of the drama or input lag or trolls. But please also consider that you’re lucky enough to have a chance to play offline (ok, maybe only a few times a year, but still).

We don’t have to be this hostile towards each other. If you look from the other’s standpoint, you’d know where they are coming from.

BTW, I <3 djfrijoles, although he’s still mad at me.

soto, I dont think there’s anything wrong with “online FT5” as long as both sides agreed.
But I think you should only put “FT5” in the title of your video if and only if the players said so in the chat.

It’s rather misleading to say it’s “unofficial ft5” where in reality they are just playing casuals.

Dude you don`t want know the real score between afro and mars, that would be disrespectful, this is just 2 great players giving and exhibición of a ft5**, so players can see how how this work and the nice vid they get**

i believe you righ , like the other day i ask you if you want a ft5 vs hyphen , you say no and hyphen yes , so no ft5 , both sides have to agree like i explain in the rules this is only to show how ft5 works, and im doing just one more vid for exhibition.

I think the question is whether afro & mars agreed that was a “unofficial ft5”? Or just casuals?
And if it’s a ft5, they are ok with you posting the ft5?
If answers to all the questions are yes, I don’t see any problem.

EDIT: damn it pasky, can’t you just PM that shit to soto.

Mars didn’t agree, he actually mentioned it offhanded to me and upon entering this thread I now see what he was referencing. Those were most certainly casuals and he definitely did have a problem with it being a first to 5 “unofficially.” Which is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard when it’s a third party declaring it. “People thanked me for it.”

I don’t have a problem with online matches, I get that it’s the only way for folks to play in some cases, but don’t take other people’s matches and then stake claim to them like it’s yours. That’s disgusting.

pasky was thinking about me when he took that shit