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Me and Mars were just playing casuals…where did FT5 come from…lol

The idea:

Some concerns voiced:

My input:

5-set recorded matches between players is a very cool idea. Whether it’s a “first to 5” challenge or just a snippet of play from 2 players.

That said, I do agree that uncareful labeling or mislabeling footage is going to be piss people off and cause drama.

So, I have come up with a solution depending on what Soto wants out of this.

Solution #1
Keep the current FT5 graphic for official FT5 sets: red-to-black fade background, bold “ST” lettering, white vertical “FT5” vertical lettering, red uppercase “challenge” lettering.
Change the graphic for snippets of play to: blue-to-black fade background, bold “ST” lettering, hite vertical “5 Match” vertical lettering, blue uppercase “showcase” (or “casuals”) lettering.

Change this on FT5:

  • Opponent : Kuroppi
  • Char lock/open : open
  • Tiebreak yes/no: no
    to this:
  • Players: Ritual (Boxer/O.Sagat) vs Kuroppi (O.Honda)
  • Char lock/open : open
  • Tiebreak yes/no: no

“Opponent” sounds like you are making some sort of personal trophy room. Which is something for you, not the community (fans or players).

For “showcase” matches, use this info:

  • Players: Ritual (Boxer/O.Sagat) vs Kuroppi (O.Honda)

This solution allows you to keep the 5-game-set feel, while adding in the sophistication of providing a clear distinction between challenge and casual situations. It also provides a way to revere players with the term “showcase”, rather than put some sort of drama on them with a winner/loser stamp.

Go back and change the Kuroppi and Mars/Afro mathes to be labeled “showcase”.

Solution #2
Do whatever you want.

This solution allows you to indulge your personal interests to create whatever you want and enjoy/endure the fallout. If you want drama, this seems like a solid way to go about it. But you are gonna get what you are gonna get.

Hey zas i apreciated the tips

i think im leaving the graphics as it is righ now

youre righ on this one, ill use this mode from upcoming ft5

this is not for drama, or for myself, or trying to get someone mad, trolls made the drama, this is my contribution to st , so maybe new players can see what a great game st is and start playing , also current players can take some tips on their chars, is not anyone i record on casuals vids (cuz players can think i always watching recording games)
I got one more exhibición set to show tiebreaker and after that only doing vids by request.

  • You can take a look on my channel i got plenty st vids , if you find something usefull you can use it, tx for the suggestions.

Sure thing, glad to help. :slight_smile:


You reap what you sow.

I STRONGLY suggest you change the graphic for the casual match snippets in the manner I suggested. It very clearly and cleanly addresses and resolves a HUGE issue that your videos are fueling.

People who are NOT drama people have already started reacting to it in negative ways as it is. Make the changes I suggested and that drama all dissipates. If you disregard the warnings that are being brought to your attention (for whatever reason), then you are asking for problems.

Maybe you don’t see it. You’ve taken a step back and taken a hard look at it all, and you just don’t see how the things you think are harmless could possibly be a problem. Just cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Trust the overwhelming feedback to provide what your senses can’t pick up:

Maybe it’s pride. A sense that you are now in a battle of wills with others over whose way will win out. F* pride. Deal with the issue in the way that will provide the best results, don’t let ego keep you from delivering and doing it up in the best way:

Maybe you just feel that with just a little more time it will all work itself out. Don’t be Iceman, don’t kill Goose:

Maybe you underestimate the chances of things going wrong from here. Don’t be Tarkin, don’t underestimate the chances:

Maybe you are overconfident. Don’t be the Emperor, don’t let your overconfidence be your weakness.

Maybe it’s Nazis:

Doesn’t matter what it is. It is what it is. But you can take hold of this wild horse and do the things that will ensure the results you want.


lol he killed it with top gun hahahahah

lol edit:

Indiana Jones !!!

Drama just because a few vids of people playing st, only on SRK, ladies.


The editing is horrid I can’t see whats going on way to small and you focus more on the dumb banner to the right. As for mars thing let mars speak for himself he knows as a considered top player he’s always going to be watched always. I think personally mars doesn’t play online more because of the community/trolls and not because people wanna watch/record him. If he’s asking to never be watched being a good player no one will do that people wanna watch him and learn from what he’s doing.

Good job soto on getting the matches recorded now fix the video so we can see whats happening.

<$oto> mars
<$oto> you mad because of that afro vs you video?
<Marsgattai> dude honestly i dont care but i dont see what the big deal is with posting causells and making it bigger then it is
<$oto> is not a big deal, just casuals
<$oto> some trolls made a big deal of it

the #1 ggpo troll has spoken = makogirl/cammy-white/goforbroketv/cigargirl… too funny , big loLololooooLOLOLOL girl!!

zaspacer : i don`t know if you record or do videos or just link, this videos are AVC/MVC (take time to render and upload)

  • Edit, in this tread is very clear now that this are casuals games that i use to do examples on how a ft5 work with little rules both players have to agree
  • Edit, if you get to see the videos on youtube is clear that is casuals games (big tittle) , and you can always check descriptions on videos for more info.
    *liked that wisdom movie spam

Example # 4
- Players : Djreign (Blanka) vs Damdai (O.Hawk)
- Char lock/open : lock
- Tiebreak yes/no : yes


****** Final example video, from now on only official ft 5 by request .

How old is this? I haven’t seen Damdai on GGPO since last year I think.

he plays on supercade, no GGPO anymore

EvilDindon vs Self-Adjoint Ken vs Ken Ft5 OFFICIAL GGPO replay:

First official ft5.

- Players : EvilDindon(Ken) vs Self-Adjoint(Ken)
**- Char lock/open : **lock
**- Tiebreak yes/no : **no


Original youtube size

Resized version on a forum

Well soto, this is my contribution with your great idea, i made some tweaks to the look and feel and i’ve created this simple template.
General Information:

  1. A background with sf image, feels better.
  2. ST challenge with a proper font.
  3. Game screen is about 30% bigger.

If you like it i’ll send you the source files.

Your call.

I like this. I would put the ST Challenge thing at the top, along with who is playing. I think the match itself should be centered, and one the side you could also have the player’s name, along with how many wins they have. Looks pretty clean though philcito.

Also Challenge is spelled wrong.

Thank you trouble!

oops i got a third L… that was a typo sorry xD

I agree it’s a good idea as long as both people agree to it :wink: Also that new design looks solid and easy to read but maybe add a FT5 or something unless that’s not relevant anymore? Anyway I’d be down for a few of these but we’ll need someone to record cause I cant at the moment =\

Good stuff philcito , im glad you like ft5,that template looks good ty for invest some time in it, actually yes on first design i also though on get a st background , idk if you saw the new logo it got the st font but as background of the other font, anyway i like playing with videos and photoshop and always open for suggestions i think i can make this changes

  • add a st background as philcito said
  • center and rezise videos as el trouble said
  • keep the logo but smaller and as background on top behind names
  • keep the score keeper, but with the video center i can have the names on left and righ side also the scores
  • do the videos in the original st size and not wide(i like to play 4:3 but watch wide) so idk
  • what do you guys think, leave the videos as it is, or use phil template , or add the changes i mention above?