Steady Decline over Time

Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon? I’ll be playing, and I’ll be DESTROYING everyone that I come across. Nobody has a chance… until around my 20th battle. Then, I just CAN’T WIN. My reaction Ultra becomes horribly sloppy, my mind-games become rusty, and for some reason, no matter how bad they are, I’ll lose to every opponent. I mean, unless they’re G-3 bad.

It’s not like I’m getting tired; I’ll win and have a great match, and then the VERY next match it’ll start with the losing, and there I go. Gone. Lose. Loss after loss after loss. I just lost to a Ryu with 2kGP that spammed fireballs. I normally FADC the fireballs and then reaction Ultra. I FADC’d like 4, and then missed and got hit by the 5th. All that life gone. I try to Ultra his next Hadoken, and I do it too late, and he blocks. I’ve just lost half my health for nothing.

Can anybody please relate to me on this?

Well, 20 battles is quite a lot. To me it’s simply because you’re tired, your head’s tired, you’re just, well, tired. & of course when you get tired you react slower to stuff and what not.

IMO, best thing to do when you see that you can’t beat the worst of opponents is to just take a break and come back next time refreshed.

Yeah, it’s crazy. I start off like I’m actually somewhat good, then I go down hill after 6-7 fights… I just flip through some channels and get back to playing again. It helps. Really long play sessions aren’t too good for you anyways :sad:

It happens. My solution is having a separate online account in G3. When I’m on a losing streak or G1 is empty, I just pick some random shitty character and abuse really old gimmicks and laugh heartily

That happens to me sometimes too. Seemingly out of nowhere I’ll have like a multiple game loss streak in the middle of a bunch of wins.

I’ve hit a wall with seth now that no matter what I do I do it horribly when before you could pull of monster combos anytime

i thought i was the only one experiencing this.

i personally think that because its a fighting game,youre prepared to take damage.but with seth,sometimes i get so confident in my tricks/mindgames/BnB, that i fall back into that whole “im doing good,i can take a hit or two” mindstate, and forget that its SETH.:rofl:

needless to say,i TAKE those aforementioned hits, and they connect into ultra.and then I’m dead. and im all :wtf:…what…just happened?..:rofl:

this happens to me too. seth is a character where you have to mentally be on your game all the time because of his low health one or two hits will fuck you up good and before you know it your dead. on a good day i can go on a 20+ winstreak and the next day i’ll be trading wins and loses. i suggest taking a break for 15 mins go get something to eat,use the internet,hell even play HDR. then come back and whoop some more ass

I find when I get tired (right before bed), I start losing a lot. Then in the morning, I wake up and kick ass


Seth isn’t in HDR!

Drink your milk and eat your vitamins

Coffee is what you need.

Did a 26 fight win streak (g1) last night and this morning won about 3 fights of 10 :frowning:

Once I lose to someone that I know had a stupid strategy, I get super frustrated.

I think I lose half the time because of confidence problems =/

They have pills for that nowadays. :wgrin:

im pretty sure it happens with any game

We all have our off days -.-

I have had this problem until recently.

It’s actually from mental strain or frustration.

When you lose your first game, how do you feel? A little upset? Was the game close? Are you landing the same combos that you were prior to this loss? You can try taking a break. I’ve been doing this lately, and only have been playing when I really want to play.

You know what I mean, really want to play, as in: You’re at school or work, and all you can think of is how to find a new potential BnB. You walk around the house screaming IN-DEE-STRUCT-I-BLE for no reason (I know most of us have :wink: )…

If you force yourself to game, you’ll suffer with bad performance.

Another thing you can do is just brush off a defeat. It was hard for me to learn to do this, but it’s something that greatly helps. Just tell yourself: only on xbl lol… but don’t make it an excuse, you’ll just start to hate the game.

Hope this helps.

OP: Sounds like you’re a scrub that got lucky by running into a horde of scrubs worse than you. FADC’ing 4 fireballs in a row with SETH??? you’re begging for death.

Anyway, you’re obviously in G2, since you’re upset about some 2k Ryu, so I won’t criticise you anymore. But you’re in G2, so your strategy isn’t, nor will it be flawless/supreme/golden. I’m in G1 and mine isn’t. it happens. we lose and we learn.

Oh my god, will you guys please stop ranking people by your POINTLESS online ranking…

Fact : a lot of people in G1 are shitty, and suck hard offline…

stroke your e-peen somewhere else plz.