Stealth Nerfs...

Well, might as well start listing them. Do a late active frame f.hp into Oh wait, you can’t now! They modified the types of hitstun inflicted by certain distance normals of duds, f.hp is the first I’ve noticed, but I believe has this as well. Go on, give it a shot…

I was able to get a meaty f.HP >> s.HK to combo. Is that what you were referring to exactly?

Nope.jpg. That will still work, I was referring to this [media=youtube]af48OqMtAk8[/media]

notice the opening late f.hp and the hitstun state inflicted on abel. I have not been able to replicate this state in 2012. One of my cooler new combos for bison is now impossible because of it <.<

top tier

It seems to me that they messed with the actual hitbox of f.HP. When the combo in broken down and the pause happens for the step straight, there is clearly a gap between the glove and the face. I can’t seem to replicate that large of a gap.

They didnt reset the PP BP

are you doing it aginst abel? he has a huge hit box and i think that combo is either abel only or on a few chars. i cant wait to test it myself after work. =O

Yeah. I tried to recreate that exact combo on Abel. It doesn’t seem to work. The “gap” that I was talking about can happen against basically any character though. I wasn’t able to reproduce that large of a gap on any character.

u1 seems even better against gief

The combo used to work on more than just abel btw, I was able to use it on almost the whole cast. Switch the game back to Super and try it out, you’ll see. Also, my video will be up within the hour. Got some wild stuff for you guys, though a bunch is pretty useless lol

Stealth nerfs?

They buffed his Thunderbolt and random jumping normals to pad out his change list thereby robbing him of potentially useful changes.

Yaay dudley nerfs :confused:
Thanks capcom :(:(:(:frowning:

medium ssb and heavy ssb is still -4 on block…

lol you guys. lol @ stealth nerfs.

they think Dudley’s CH s.HK knockback nerf is new lmao

Could you elaborate on this? I was in training a minute ago and decided to test out CH st.HK combos but when I would hit the dummy (Ibuki) she would get knocked back a good few characters distance away. I assume this is new seeing as how I was successfully landing CH st.HK, st.HK last night but reading the changes doesn’t help me understand why this is happening.

That CH st HK pushback is very new.

Means you have to follow up with the gamble of the LK duck afterwards to get a combo after the counter hit.

the distance is new but do know that they increased the knockback from SSF4 to AE.
on Hit
CH s.HK xx EX Duck = +7
CH s.HK xx LK Duck = +4
On Block
s.HK xx EX Duck = +1 or 0
s.HK xx LK Duck = -3 4 or 5 idk

if you’re sure you can open up someone with a sHK frame trap cancel the s.HK in to EX duck just to be safe.

CH on block ? wut ?

So does this mean you can’t do late frame F+HP into ultra I/II anymore? I haven’t gotten it to work, but I’ll keep trying.