Steam Account with 30 Games

IF THIS IS AGAINST THE RULES, PLEASE DELETE/CLOSE IT. I don’t want an infraction… I couldn’t find any mention of steam in the rules and after searching I didn’t see anything about it.

As you can see there is an incredible amount of games… I’m willing to let this go for cheap, so I’ll list it at 175 O.B.O! Offer up anything… the price isn’t firm but I just don’t know what to value it at!

I can provide the transaction id’s for all the paypal payments if you want those as well.

Thanks! If you’ve got questions feel free to pm/post.

I’ve got 80+ 100% Positive eBay feedback, numerous heatware feedback and feedback across many different forums.

Lowered the price to 175, from 200 price is still obo

Just letting you know that $175.00 is still a very steep price to ask in my honest opinion. (although I know it’s OBO) Not trying to impede on your sale but you may have better luck starting with a lower price.

Goodluck on your sale.