Steam account with SF 5 and ultra sf4 and tomb raider rising(new one)

dunno why i bought sf5…game is lame and I have 0 interest in playing lol

and already had ultra sf4 before. will sell all for $60. sf5 has the season pass too you get everything there is to get. will take paypal. possible trade welcome too…tell me what you have…

would you just gift the games away or give out the log in info?

I will sell you the entire log in info. I will remove any credit card info I had in there(doubt there is any there)

again I have no interest in playing these games. as far as I know you can’t “gift” a games thats already activated. either way talk to me and I will get this going for you. PM me here or we can chat on skype or something.

no taker lol? I got on steam once since I paid for sf5…

interested but can i change the user name/ fighterid ?