Steam Edition Deal for 24 Hours!


So I was given this site by someone on Dre*mCancel forums (can’t remember his name, anywho). Basically you get a bundle with a bunch of other crap games. It’s a charity site and you only need to match the average price to get it (which is like $6.88 right now. You’re basically getting the game 80% off.)

Yes I know there’s actually a thread for deals but I can’t find it for crap and time is running out anyway. lol To be specific there are 19 hours left. Here’s the link


You might want to actually specify what game you’re talking about in the title.


Why are you spelling DreamCancel as Dre*mCancel?


Ah, it’s this rule I’m used to from another forum. Pay it no attention. And yes I know how stupid it looks. That’s how stupid the forum is.

For some reason I assumed no KOF game was called ‘Steam Edition’ other than XIII, and it wouldn’t be hard to find what I was talking about on that site anyway…

…or it could be I thought I had posted in KOF subforums but I happened to post near the only semi-active KOF thread instead. At least the counter shot up while I was watching the site. I’m sure anyone who thinks 7$ is a good deal clicked the link anyway, since HumbeBundle is somewhat known on this site already.