Steam: Fighting Game Community group


I started a group a community group on Steam for the Fighting Game Community. Probably wasn’t necessary, but what the hell. I’m hoping the group will be a place for fighting game fans to gather, talk about fighting games, exchange gamertags, and talk strats.




Add Cinthix to the group.


Why is this group dying?

Fighting games on steam should be picking up more steam, also we should have people in the chat room talking about streams and finding matches!

I’m a little disappointed this group doesn’t have people discussing the Canada Cup right now, and there’s no posts on the discussion about runbacks, endless rooms, all this things which the group would be perfect for.

PC FGC members, where you at?


There are a lot of SF4 players here:
It says newbie because it is open to teaching, but most of the people there are very good. Highly recommended.


I’d love to get some more people to fight with!



Every Friday they do big lobbies and every one plays. 4 in a row win limit before you have to pass it on to the next. Some really good players. We also chat on mumble. And drink as we are doing so.


Have any room for a complete scrub? =)


always. get online tonight! add the steam group and join the chat. lobbies will be open