Steam got hacked. Forums are down and credit card may have been compromised

This was just reported and Gabe issued a statement. I just changed my password and I don’t see any unusual activity yet. Check your Steam account.

Umm…permit me to say this but, HOLY SHIT!

Good thing I was never able to actually get my account started.

Good thing I never used a credit card.

Arrogance aside, this sucks for all those affected.

(Somehow I think the Workshop system is involved… and maybe those ruskies spamming the workshop gallery with trash might have something to with it. BLAME GAME)

I recommend that people put their account on Steam Guard just for the extra boost in security. It only takes a few seconds to sign into your email and copy/paste the key whenever you are on a different computer.

I did the Steam Guard a long time ago when L4D2 was coming out. Good thing I got started on Steam with a hard copy of TF2. Whew.

That was the first thing I thought. Time to see how well Steam Guard works!

Thank God I have no credit card info on Steam (literally for this EXACT reason)

Ditto. People called me nuts for not doing so for leaving crates unopened for so long.

Steam needs Steam Wallet Gift Cards… I only have retail and gifted games.

PSN Hacked, Xbox Live accounts being hacked all the time, now Steam hacked. What about Nintendo? COULD THEY BE NEXT?

I have steam guard and I only use paypal that doesnt link up to a credit card…am I still screwed?

They aren’t 100% sure that the people got access to your credit card info, and even if they did it was encrypted. But I’d still keep an eye out just to be safe. At least they were doing their security somewhat right considering they could have stored everything plain text

All they have are de-encrypted credit card numbers and salted passwords. It’s gonna be extremly painstaking and difficult for the hackers to make anything worthy out of it.

At the very worst, just change your password and freeze your cards.

Everyone freak out, over react and boycott like they did with PSN


Eh…considering that no security measure is completely safe, I doubt they’ll be overreactions over this. On the other hand Sony just didn’t give a fuck about their security. Even though I know they can get hacked, I want the people holding my information to at least try and make it hard on people.

I know they don’t have the money to spend on Gibsons but still.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Seriously though, that’s a bitch. I finally got a decent computer so that I can cop some of their stuff, and this boo’shyt happens. I swear, These bitches need their fingers broken off and shoved up their asses for this. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Nobody cares about friend codes, not even nintendo users. (I don’t know what my wii code is). Nintendo will probably just let third parties run their own servers for the Wii U’s online. ie. EA Origin, SE playonline, Ubisoft uplay, etc.

As for comparing this to the PSN hack. Sony didn’t tell their users that their CC info was compromised until about 3 weeks after it happened. Steam was prob hacked earlier in the day.

I can’t wait for my free Steam games.

Goddamn. I JUST updated my CC info earlier today to buy some TF2 keys for the FIRST TIME. Ugh.

I don’t have a PS3 but were there a lot of reports of illegal CC usage when PSN was compromised?

lol That’s what I’m thinking.

Oh great like I need to worry about something like this and close to the holidays. Whatever it’s being awhile so they have nothing.